[CLOSED] Custom Search with X.GetCmp

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    [CLOSED] Custom Search with X.GetCmp

    Hi, I am trying to use below code to get Value of custom search combox in example:

    but it returns nothing. (*I gave ID to combox as cbxTest)
    The code works for regular combox. not sure what i am missing here
        public void Test()
            string a = X.GetCmp<ComboBox>("cbxTest").Value.ToString();
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    Please use Page_Init instead Page_Load to create dynamic controls which will be used in other requests
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    Thanks you, but the scenario is that custom search is dynamically generated in directevent . when a button is clicked on that form, i would like to get the value of the combobox. so the contorls won't be created in page_init.
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    Please post test sample. Are you sure that combo is submitted own value (Request["cbxTest"])?
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    All I did is to add the Test button on the custom search example to get value of NOT dynamically created search combobox and I gave id cbxTest to the combox since in the example there is no ID set for the control.
    Not getting anything back with code: X.getCmp<ComboBox>("cbxTest") syntax
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    All I did is to add the Test button on the custom search example to get value of NOT dynamically created search combobox and I gave id cbxTest to the combox since in the example there is no ID set for the control.
    I cannot reproduce the issue (as I said you have to use Page_Init in that sample)

    Please post your sample which reproduces the problem
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    I adding the code in according to the details you described and tested it, works fine.

    So, please provide us with a full sample to reproduce.

    Here is my test sample.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net" TagPrefix="ext" %>
    <script runat="server">
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // Create Proxy
            HttpProxy proxy = new HttpProxy { 
                Method = HttpMethod.POST,
                Url = "Plants.ashx"
            // Create Reader
            JsonReader reader = new JsonReader { 
                Root = "plants",
                TotalProperty = "total",
                Fields = {
                    new RecordField("Common"),
                    new RecordField("Botanical"),
                    new RecordField("Light"),
                    new RecordField("Price", RecordFieldType.Float),
                    new RecordField("Indoor", RecordFieldType.Boolean)
            // Add Proxy and Reader to Store
            Store store = new Store { 
                Proxy = { proxy },
                Reader = { reader },
                AutoLoad = false
            // Create ComboBox
            ComboBox combobox = new ComboBox {
                DisplayField = "Common",
                ValueField = "Common",
                TypeAhead = false,
                LoadingText = "Searching...",
                Width = 570,
                PageSize = 10,
                HideTrigger = true,
                ItemSelector = "div.search-item",
                MinChars = 1,
                Store = { store }
            combobox.Template.Html = @"
                   <tpl for=""."">
                      <div class=""search-item"">
            // Add ComboBox to Controls Collection
        public void Test()
            string a = X.GetCmp<ComboBox>("ComboBox1").Value.ToString();
            X.Msg.Alert("", a).Show();
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" 
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <head runat="server">
        <title>ComboBox with Template - Ext.NET Examples</title>
        <style type="text/css">
            .search-item {
                font          : normal 11px tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
                padding       : 3px 10px 3px 10px;
                border        : 1px solid #fff;
                border-bottom : 1px solid #eeeeee;
                white-space   : normal;
                color         : #555;
            .search-item h3 {
                display     : block;
                font        : inherit;
                font-weight : bold;
                color       : #222;
            .search-item h3 span {
                float       : right;
                font-weight : normal;
                margin      : 0 0 5px 5px;
                width       : 100px;
                display     : block;
                clear       : none;
            p { width: 650px; }
            .ext-ie .x-form-text { position : static !important; }
        <link href="../../../../resources/css/examples.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
        <form runat="server">
            <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" />
            <h1>Combo with Templates and Ajax</h1><br />
            <p>This is a more advanced example demonstrating how to combine Store Paging and a Template to create "live search" functionality.</p>
            <div style="width:600px;">
                <div class="x-box-tl"><div class="x-box-tr"><div class="x-box-tc"></div></div></div>
                <div class="x-box-ml"><div class="x-box-mr"><div class="x-box-mc">
                    <h3 style="margin-bottom:5px;">Search the plants</h3>
                        <ext:Store runat="server" AutoLoad="false">
                                <ext:HttpProxy Method="POST" Url="Plants.ashx" />
                                <ext:JsonReader Root="plants" TotalProperty="total">
                                        <ext:RecordField Name="Common" />
                                        <ext:RecordField Name="Botanical" />
                                        <ext:RecordField Name="Light" />
                                        <ext:RecordField Name="Price" Type="Float" />
                                        <ext:RecordField Name="Indoor" Type="Boolean" />
                    <Template runat="server">
                           <tpl for=".">
                              <div class="search-item">
                <div style="padding-top:4px;">
                    Plants search (type '*' (asterisk) for showing all)
                <div class="x-box-bl"><div class="x-box-br"><div class="x-box-bc"></div></div></div>
            <br />
            <br />
            <br />
            <div style="width:600px;">
                <div class="x-box-tl">
                    <div class="x-box-tr">
                        <div class="x-box-tc"></div>
                <div class="x-box-ml">
                    <div class="x-box-mr">
                        <div class="x-box-mc">
                            <h3 style="margin-bottom:5px;">Search the plants (controls dynamically created)</h3>
                            <asp:PlaceHolder ID="Placeholder1" runat="server" />
                            <div style="padding-top:4px;">
                                Plants search (type '*' (asterisk) for showing all)
                <div class="x-box-bl">
                    <div class="x-box-br">
                        <div class="x-box-bc"></div>
            <ext:Button runat="server" Text="Click me">
                    <Click Handler="Ext.net.DirectMethods.Test();" />

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