Multi Language with .NET GlobalResources

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    Multi Language with .NET GlobalResources

    I'm using a Resources file to make a Multi Language app. This works to set FieldLabel propriety like this example:

    FieldLabel="<%$ Resources: TextFile, Default_Password %>" 
    BlankText="<%$ Resources: TextFile, Default_PasswordValidation %>"  
    But when i try to set a text into Click Handler I have the error: Literal expressions like '<%$ Resources: TextFile, Default_LoginValidation%>' are not allowed. Use <asp:Literal runat="server" Text="<%$ Resources: TextFile, Default_LoginValidation>" />. But its dont work too.

    Here is the Click Handler code.

    <Click Handler=" if (!#{txtUsername}.validate() || !#{txtPassword}.validate()) {
                                    Ext.Msg.alert('Erro','<%$ Resources: TextFile, Default_LoginValidation %>');
                                    return false; 
                                }"  />
    Sorry for my English. I hope it is possible to understand my problem. Tks
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    Nobody knows the solution?
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    Maybe the following forum post can help, see
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    Tks, but this forum dont help me because my problem is a little different.

    I'm trying to use a ASP tag "<% %>" inside a Handler, and i think the system dont execute de command in the server, follow another example.

    <ext:Button runat=server ID="btnGravaNovaInteracao" Icon="Accept" Text="<%$ Resources: TextFile, DetalhesChamados_btnGravaNovaInteracao %>">
                                    <Click OnEvent="btnGravaNovaInteracao_Click" Before="Ext.Msg.wait('<%$ Resources: TextFile, DetalhesChamados_btnGravaNovaInteracaoMsg %>', '<%$ Resources: TextFile, DetalhesChamados_btnGravaNovaInteracaoMsgTitle %>');" />
    The wait message show the exacly text in asp tag, like "<%$ Resources: TextFile, DetalhesChamados_btnGravaNovaInteracaoMsg %>",
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    Somebody? I still need help.
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    since I am having exactly the same issue, I would like to know, if some has found a solution to this already?


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