[CLOSED] ColumnTree cell editing

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    [CLOSED] ColumnTree cell editing


    I want to edit one cell in ColumnTree control. I want to edit Property Value column values. What should I do?

    My sample code is below.

                                            <extLib:ColumnTree ID="ColumnTree_ObjectProperties" runat="server" RootVisible="false"
                                                Title="Object Properties" ActiveEditor="Editor1" ShowBottomBar="true" ShowTopBar="true">
                                                    <ext:ColumnTreeColumn Header="Property Name" Width="250" DataIndex="Text" />
                                                    <ext:ColumnTreeColumn Header="Property Value" Width="100" DataIndex="Value" />
                                                            <ext:TreeNodeUIProvider Alias="col" ClassName="<%# ExtWebControlLib.ColumnTree.ColumnNodeUI %>"
                                                                AutoDataBind="true" />
                                                    <ext:TreeEditor ID="Editor1" runat="server">
                                                            <ext:TextField ID="TextField1" runat="server">
                                                    <Click Fn="ColumnTree_ObjectProperties_Click" />
                                                    <ext:DefaultSelectionModel ID="DefaultSelectionModel3" runat="server" />
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    Hi kenanhancer,

    At the moment Editors are not supported on the <ext:ColumnTree> Component.

    We did some preliminary investigation and will add this as a Feature Request to implement in a future release.

    There is a problem though... I think this functionality may be included in the next major release of Ext.NET (v2). But that release is a ways off yet.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Ok, Thank you.

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