gridpanel paging, when changing store data size, pagIndex isn't correct

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    page index of gridpanel displays a wrong number

    My Problem like this:
    1. Gridpanel with a pagingToolBar, whose pagesize is 10.
    2. First time, Girdpanel1.getStore().datasource = myDataTable1; // (rows.count=11);
    3. Go to the second page.(pageIndex/totalPage:2/2)
    4. Fire OnRefreshData event, set: Girdpanel1.getStore().datasource = myDataTable2; // (rows.count=9);
    5. The gridpanel is blank, until you goto the first page ,you can't see anything. (pageIndex/totalPage:2/1)

    In other words, pageIndex is not updated when totalPage has been updated.
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