I have DataTable object with data in my application and I'm trying to assign it to the DataSource property of Store. I have store with JsonReader and 2 dummy columns in it. At runtime, I get the dataTable from database and adds 2 blank columns in dataTable and then I assign it to my store so that column mapping matches exactly. Furthermore, I have debugged the code and made sure that 2 blank DataColums are added to the DataTable. But after binding data of gridpanel and store nothing gets rendered on page. I know that we can remove all fields of store and the recreate it at runtime, but in this case I do not want to do it so I want to know If there is anyway around to achieve this functionality.

Do I need to change the presentation of data in DataTable to any other object ? and If so then how can I do it. I have seen your online examples and they uses anonymous type or class type with object initializer. how can I do that for my DataTable's data. Can you please give me little sample code so that I can understand the inner working of these 2 objects.