This is a follow-up to http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...-with-mappings

It would be useful to declare key-value mappings on the ListFilter. Ext.Js allows it, but Ext.Net only supports it when those mappings are in a store. This is bad when dynamically generating table columns from a database because you have to dynamically generate and fill those mapping stores.

What Ext.Js supports is passing key-value-pairs in form of a two element array or a Js object into the options array. See the ListFilter.js from Ext.Js sourcecode package for documentation. Ext.Net only allows passing strings into that array.

So the feature request: Adding support for passing mappings to a ListFilter without having to create a Store.

PS: It is almost possible to do it by subclassing ListFilter, but OptionsProxy (which generates the Js code) is not virtual so can't be overriden. See the above linked thread for more details if required.