Problems in communication between a Tree Panel and a Grid Panel

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    Problems in communication between a Tree Panel and a Grid Panel


    I created a class that extends from Ext.Net.Container, and in that class I create 2 Ext.Net Controls, 1 Tree Panel and 1 Grid Panel. And my objective is when you click on a Tree Node gets its id and fill the Grid, I already tried various ways to get there, but all unsuccessful.

    First, I tried to attach to every TreeNode a call to a DirectMethod, and placed the DirectMethod in the class that I created, but when you run the container he doesn't find the DirectMethod, I tried also to change the DirectMethod's Namespace, but he didnt find the Namespace.

    ------------------------ CODE: ---------------------------
    private Ext.Net.TreePanel tp = new Ext.Net.TreePanel();
    private Ext.Net.GridPanel gp = new Ext.Net.GridPanel();
            public ExplorerView() : base()
                Ext.Net.TreeNode root = new Ext.Net.TreeNode("rootNode" + this.DynamicID, "Test", Ext.Net.Icon.Folder);
                tp.ID = "gridID";
                Ext.Net.TreeNode nodeChild = new Ext.Net.TreeNode("node" + id, name, Ext.Net.Icon.Folder);
                nodeChild.Listeners.Click.Handler = "";
            public void TreeNode_Click()
                // do action
                nodeChild.Listeners.Click.Handler = "Test.TreeNode_Click()";
            [DirectMethod (Namespace="Test")]
            protected void TreeNode_Click()
                // do action
    Then I tried with DirectEvents on the TreePanel, but I have problems with the TreePanel.ID, if I don't "identify" the TreePanel, doesnt show anything, gives a javascript: sintax error.
    If I give a tp.ID = Dynamic.ID, whenever I click a node he changes the tp.ID.
    ------------------------ CODE: ---------------------------
                tp.DirectEvents.Click.Event += new Ext.Net.ComponentDirectEvent.DirectEventHandler(TreeNode_Click);
                tp.DirectEvents.Click.ExtraParams.Add(new Ext.Net.Parameter("id", + ".getSelectionModel().getSelectedNode().id", ParameterMode.Raw));
    If I give a tp.ID = 'gridID' it calls TreeNode_Click(), but it doesnt update the GridPanel and I would like to create more than one instance of this container.
    ------------------------ CODE: ---------------------------
    public void TreeNode_Click()
                JsonReader reader = new JsonReader();
                reader.IDProperty = "idjsonreader1";
                reader.Fields.Add(new RecordField("id"));
                reader.Fields.Add(new RecordField("name"));
                Ext.Net.Store store = new Ext.Net.Store();
                store.ID = "storeID";
                DataTable dt = new DataTable();
                DataRow dr = dt.NewRow();
                dr[0] = 1;
                dr[1] = "Lisbon";
                DataSet ds = new DataSet();
                store.DataSource = ds;

    Could you help me find a way that I can have a DynamicID TreePanel or a way to use DirectMethods associated to the TreeNodes in the same class?
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    Joao is working with me on this issue.

    We where able to solve this problem creating an ID provider that garantees unique ids on the pages.

    This is solved. thanks.

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    Thanks for the update.
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    Hi Guys,

    I have been trying to do a similar thing but in vain. I want to be able to call a method from a click of a node but I can't seem to get it. In my case the treepanel and the datagrid are in two different usercontrols. However, even when I try calling a directmethod on the same usercontrol of the treepanel I still can't put that to work.

    I had posted a new forum for it but I haven't heard from anyone for few days now. Here is the link to the forum:

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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