[CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side

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    [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side

    how can i select gridpanel rows clientside.My gridpanel has only one column, which has column datatype string. when i click the coolite button , one string is passed to the javascript function, that string one of the row value in gridpanel, and i want to select that gridpanel row. how can i select gridpanel rows based on the row values in client side.

    Thanks in advance.
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    RE: [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side


    i am using




    These functions on client side. but it does not working.

    what is the problem.

    please explain.
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    RE: [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side

    please send a sample code for gridpanel clientside selection based on the row number and based on the json readerid value.

    i need urgent.
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    RE: [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side


    These are RowSelectionModel/CheckBoxSelectionModel functions (not GridPanel)


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    RE: [CLOSED] gridpanel row select client side


    I have one problem.

    I have one grid panel.

    Inside that grid panel i have some columns.

    I need two selection model inside that grid. one colum is dedicated to downloading some files.
    Another column having checkbox selection but when i use both of them together it cannot working.

    But i need checkbox selection and download in each row.

    i will send my grid panel code..plese help me to solve this problem.

    <ext:GridPanel ID="gdpnlViewResource" runat="server" 
    StripeRows="true" StoreID="strResource"
    BodyStyle="text-align:left;margin-bottam:10%;" Frame="true" Icon="information" Border="false" AutoExpandColumn="ResourceName">
    <ColumnModel ID="ColumnModel2" runat="server" EnableViewState="true" >
    <Columns > 
    <ext:RowNumbererColumn ColumnID="Index" Header="Index"></ext:RowNumbererColumn>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="resourceID" DataIndex="resourceID" Hidden="true"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="ResourceDataID" DataIndex="ResourceDataID" Hidden="true"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="CustomerID" DataIndex="CustomerID" Hidden="true"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="ResumeID" DataIndex="ResumeID" Hidden="true"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="ResourceName" DataIndex="ResourceName" Header="Name"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="ResourceTypeName" DataIndex="ResourceTypeName" Header="Type"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="CustDisplayName" DataIndex="CustDisplayName" Header="Vendor"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="ExpectedToJoin" DataIndex="ExpectedToJoin" Header="Expected Join">
    <Renderer Fn="Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('d/M/y')" />
    <ext:Column ColumnID="MMR" DataIndex="MMR" Header="MMR"></ext:Column>
    <ext:Column ColumnID="JoinStatus" DataIndex="JoinStatus" Header="Status Of Join">
    <Renderer Fn="pctChange" />
    <ext:Column ColumnID="Download" DataIndex="Download" Header="Download" Fixed="true" Align="Center" MenuDisabled="true">
    <Renderer Fn="function(v, p, record, rowIndex){}" /> 
    <Renderer Fn="DownloadRender" /> 
    <ext:CheckboxSelectionModel />
    <CellSelect OnEvent="cellSelect" Buffer="250"> 
    <ext:PagingToolBar ID="PagingToolBar2" runat="server" PageSize="10" Height="50" >
    <LoadMask ShowMask="true" /> 
    <ext:ConfigItem Name="width" Value="95%" Mode="Value" />
    <ext:ConfigItem Name="hight" Value="95%" Mode="Value" />

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