[CLOSED] [1.0] ImageButton - 'Undefined' Request to Server

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    [CLOSED] [1.0] ImageButton - 'Undefined' Request to Server

    Hi Guys,

    When putting an ImageButton on a page, it seems to make a request to a URL that is named 'undefined' around the time the button is rendered. For example, on a page at http://localhost/gis/map/ (MVC application) you get a request to the URL http://localhost/gis/map/undefined

    You can recreate this by using Firebug with your examples page.

    Any idea as to why this is happening?

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    Fixed. Please update from SVN.
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks, I will update and give it a try!
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    I have the latest version but I still have this problem! I think that before I downloaded the update, I got two 'undefined' request per image button. After updating, I get only one per image button.
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    Hi SandorD,

    Could you provide the code to reproduce?
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    I'm having a hard time reproducing this using a simple example. I gues I'll just have to take out one bit at the time from my project until the problem goes away. I'll post my findings as soon as I manage to find the culprit.
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    I'm sorry, I was testing using a build from the (abandoned) old trunk of ext.net. Using the latest version from the current trunk, the problem doesn't appear anymore.

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