Ext JS 4 Roadmap

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    Ext JS 4 Roadmap


    I noticed that extjs 4 beta was released yesterday. http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs4-preview/

    We are interested to know if you have any plans or a roadmap to indicate when ext.net would support extjs 4. This is significant for us on because we would greatly benefit from the section 508 accessibility compliance for the projects we work on.

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    Hi paulc,

    Yes, there are some exciting improvements coming with Ext JS 4. The current "v4 Preview" release is obviously not quite ready for prime time, but it's coming along nicely.

    We are working on the next major version of Ext.NET (v2) and I'll know about the timelines for release in a 1-2 weeks.

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    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi Geoffrey,

    Is there any update on your Ext JS 4 implementation?

    It would be useful if you could setup a roadmap page, similar to Sencha's, which gives a rough idea of what you're working on, plus estimated timescales.


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    Once Ext JS 4 gets to Beta stage we should know more.

    Right now there's still some important pieces missing from Ext JS 4, such as the Tree panel.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    EXTJS 4 Support

    I am very close to making a decision on using EXT.Net or not, and was wondering if any decision has been announced on EXTJS 4 support in the next EXT.Net release and the release date of that release. I haven't noticed any updates in quite a while on this topic in the forums.
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    I'd also like some info about the release of the ExtJs 4 version of Ext.NET - we'd like the next release of our Ext.NET-based systems to use ExtJS 4
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    Here as well, with beta 2 being released I can see it's not quite ready but we do have a redesign coming up and would like to know any estimated time table...

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    Some of the new features of ExtJS 4, in particular, infinity scrolling, are of particular interest especially with regard to grid performance and rendering very large amounts of data.
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    We are working on Ext.Net version 2 which based on ExtJS 4.

    We cannot say about possible date release because ExtJS4 is unstable also, API is on persistent changing, many ux and plugins from ExtJS 3 distributive are not updated also. Data part in the ExtJS 4 was exposed to serious refactoring therefore we have to do a lot work to integrate it.

    We will notice you when Ext.Net 2 can be downloading for testing
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    Quote Originally Posted by daneel View Post
    I'd also like some info about the release of the ExtJs 4 version of Ext.NET - we'd like the next release of our Ext.NET-based systems to use ExtJS 4
    We will certainly let everyone know once a preview of Ext.NET v2 is available to test, although it will be a ways off yet. ExtJS4 is still going through constant revisions and there's been some major changes to the API.

    We're working to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible (v1-to-v2), but will take some time.
    Geoffrey McGill
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