[CLOSED] Excel exporting issue

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    [CLOSED] Excel exporting issue

    I'm trying to export a gridpanel to an excel file like in this example:

    After the file is exported i can't open it. Excel says it "cannot open fles of this type", and scalc (openoffice) open a file with a single cell with all the information misconfigured.
    What should i do to make it work?
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    Hi Pablo,

    Please provide us with your sample code.

    Can you open files which are produced in the example you mentioned?
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    Excel 2007

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    Daniil, i can't open the files generated by the example either. Same error.
    mxp, i guess that's not the problem, since i tried excel viewer 2006 with same results.
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    I just tried to open a file generated by the example. Successful.

    Seems the issue with your applications or OS.

    Please post here .xls file (zipped). I will try to open it on my machine.
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    Thanks Daniil. Here goes the file: submittedData.zip
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    Now it's obviously that the issue is related to applications that you use to open a file or (and) OS.
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    Ok. Thanks for the help. Could you please just tell me your version of excel / windows?
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    That export sample is just for demonstrate how to download file via ajax. It doesn't guarantee that export format is correct (because it is not target of sample). Excel exporting just transform to XML (which can be readable by Excel), it is not real XLS format. If you need real Excel transformation then I think you have to use another 3rd party toolkits are designed for export to another formats (like iTextSharp)
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    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Microsoft Office 2007

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