using javascript add a new treenode to a treegrid

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    using javascript add a new treenode to a treegrid

    using javascript add a new treenode to a treegrid (not c# code Behind),How can I do?

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    c # is written like this
                 Ext.Net.TreeNode zxsnode = new Ext.Net.TreeNode();
                zxsnode.NodeID = bmbhstr;
                zxsnode.Text = bmmcstr;
                zxsnode.CustomAttributes.Add(new ConfigItem("bmbh", bmbhstr, ParameterMode.Value));
                zxsnode.CustomAttributes.Add(new ConfigItem("bmmc", bmmcstr, ParameterMode.Value));
                zxsnode.CustomAttributes.Add(new ConfigItem("sfxm", sfxmstr, ParameterMode.Value));

    Javascript so it?
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    Who know?Hello?
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    where Support Team?

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