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    Is there a way to hide the menu after a mouseout on a submen?
    I can show the menu when a user mouseover's on the Menu1, but when the user mouseout's on the submen the menu is still visible. I know that everytime I think it's going to be impossible, the coolite tools just make it way to easy to do.

                    <ext:Toolbar ID="tlbNorth" runat="server" Width=".5" >
                            <ext:MenuItem id="mHome" runat="server" Text="Home" Handler="onItemClick" HrefTarget="~/index.aspx" Icon="ApplicationHome" />
                            <ext:Button ID="mbMortgage" runat="server" Text="Mortgage" Icon="Folder">
                                    <ext:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server">
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="MenuItem1" runat="server" text="This Rocks" Handler="onItemClick" HrefTarget="" />
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="MenuItem2" runat="server" Text="Google" Handler="onItemClick" HrefTarget="" />
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="MenuItem3" runat="server" Text="Base Component" Handler="onItemClick" HrefTarget=>
                                    <MouseOver Handler="if(!{this.showMenu();}" />
                            <ext:Button ID="mbDispositions" runat="server" Text="Dispostions" Icon="Folder">
                                    <ext:Menu ID="Menu2" runat="server">
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="mCMDPendingDispositions" runat="server" Text="CMD Pending Dispositions" Handler="onItemClick" HrefTarget="./CMD/RSContainer.aspx?rn=%2fCMDAdhocs%2fCMDPendingDispositions" />
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