Is Ext.NET ready for productive real world?

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    Is Ext.NET ready for productive real world?


    we're here in discussion to choose between Ext.NET and Telerik RadControls. Currently we are impressed by ExtJS, but a reliable
    solution to work with .NET to aim development for more then 500 concurrent Users or even more in our corporation. For the start we need a least 5x Pro.

    We tried Ext.NET, and we're facing now this problems:

    - Documentation unfinished / Where to find #{GridPanel1}.view.. Methods() when I try to KeyBind PageUp to NextPage Binding?

    - VS2010 (RTM) Ulitmate Javascript Intelisense not working. (Tried the thread wit fix)
    /// <reference name="Coolite.Ext.Web.Build.Resources.Coolite.extj s.adapter.ext.ext-base.js" assembly="Coolite.Ext.Web" />
    ... and so on, but still VS says: 'Ext' is undefined.

    - Lots of are not working (MVC, MulitLevel Gridpanel, ...)

    - No Roadmap or Release Dates for 1.0 (buying now 0.8 means major update)

    - Sencha Touch? Are you planing to support it?

    - Will in 1.0 release complete source be included (build 3.5/4.0)?

    - Is it possible to mix ExtJS / Coolite wit jQuery like having existing Widget withing a Panel (no iFrame)?

    We really like Ext.NET, but there a lots of open question, if it make sense to use it in "real world" productive development.:confused:

    By the way, this is our first support test ;-)
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