[CLOSED] [1.0] Portals and IE7

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    [CLOSED] [1.0] Portals and IE7

    This question is very similar to another thread regarding Ext container behavior in IE7. In the attached project I have a portal containing multiple columns each containing on portlet. The portal is in a sliding div which will scroll back and forth showing only a few of the portlets at a time. This is the "catalog" (click edit link PortalPage.aspx on to show catalog).
    In FF 3.5 and IE8 this behaves exactly as I want it to. In IE7, not so much.

    What can be done, without drastically changing the overall structure, to make this function properly?

    The images zip contains the images folder which should be placed, with contents intact, in the root dir.
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    Try to add "position:relative;" to the ASP.NET panel with ID="SCROLLAREA"
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladimir View Post
    Try to add "position:relative;" to the ASP.NET panel with ID="SCROLLAREA"
    That does solve the overlap problem, but when the scroll right button is clicked initially, the portal "dissappears". Clicking the left scroll brings it back as desired, but the right limit is off the page. Any ideas?
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    Try to remove the following div in the SCROLLAREA
    <div style="width:1100px; float:right; height:180px;">
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    [CLOSED] thanks

    Still a little quirky comparitively speaking, but who cares... it works! Thanks Vlad... now lets knock out those other IE7 issues :) I have faith in you.

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