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Creating Accordion Layout Menu dynamically from AjaxStoreResult

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    Creating Accordion Layout Menu dynamically from AjaxStoreResult

    Hi All is there any way to create accordion layout dynamically from AjaxStoreResult.
    As WestMenu in MVC example is hardcorded.
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    Master page is like this

    <West Split="true" CollapseMode="Default" Collapsible="true" MaxWidth="200" MarginsSummary="0 0 4 4">
    <ext:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server" Title="Navigation" Width="225">
    <%= ViewData["Menu"] %>
    <BeforeRender Url="/Data/CreatMenu" />

    In Action am doing this
    TreePanel tree = new TreePanel();

    tree.Title = "Online Users";
    tree.RootVisible = false;

    Ext.Net.TreeNode root = new Ext.Net.TreeNode();
    root.NodeID = "root";


    Ext.Net.TreeNode node1 = new Ext.Net.TreeNode();

    node1.Text = "Friends";
    node1.Expanded = true;

    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Jack", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Brian", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Jon", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Tim", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Nige", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Fred", Icon.User));
    node1.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Bob", Icon.User));


    Ext.Net.TreeNode node2 = new Ext.Net.TreeNode();
    node2.Text = "Family";
    node2.Expanded = true;

    node2.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Kelly", Icon.UserFemale));
    node2.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Sara", Icon.UserFemale));
    node2.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("Zack", Icon.UserGreen));
    node2.Nodes.Add(new Ext.Net.TreeNode("John", Icon.UserGreen));


    Ext.Net.Panel panel1 = new Ext.Net.Panel("Settings");
    Ext.Net.Panel panel2 = new Ext.Net.Panel("Even More Stuff");
    Ext.Net.Panel panel3 = new Ext.Net.Panel("My Stuff");

    Toolbar toolbar = new Toolbar();

    Ext.Net.Button button1 = new Ext.Net.Button();
    button1.Icon = Icon.Connect;

    ToolTip tooltip = new ToolTip();
    tooltip.Title = "Rich ToolTips";
    tooltip.Html = "Let your users know what they can do!";


    Ext.Net.Button button2 = new Ext.Net.Button();
    button2.Icon = Icon.UserAdd;

    Ext.Net.Button button3 = new Ext.Net.Button();
    button3.Icon = Icon.UserDelete;


    Window window = new Window();

    window.Title = "Accordion Window";
    window.Width = Unit.Pixel(250);
    window.Height = Unit.Pixel(400);
    window.Maximizable = true;
    window.Icon = Icon.ApplicationTileVertical;
    window.BodyBorder = false;
    window.Layout = "Accordion";



    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    StringWriter tw = new StringWriter(sb);
    HtmlTextWriter hw = new HtmlTextWriter(tw);

    window.RenderControl(hw); // This is giving false code
    ViewData["Menu"] = sb;

    return sb.ToString();


    Is there anyway to get control innerhtml?

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