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  1. Hi Team,

    In another issue, in which I want to group two check columns. Means if I change the CheckState of one CheckColumn then other should change. just like Radio Buttons work on any form fields...
  2. I was following same example in MVC explorer.

    Here's my code:

    InfiniteScrolling.vbhtml view
  3. wolah !! I am wondering, why it was not working when I wrote it earlier.

    Anyways, I also got rid of # signs.

    In, looks like when we have to put content in <text> tags, then everything...
  4. Hi Daniil,

    using .DestryContent helped, but now another issue which I am not able to understand, and also not sure if this is issue or Ext.Net issue, that I am not able to pass the...
  5. Alright I made quite a progress with vb syntax.


    @ModelType ExtNETExamples.ExtNETExamples.CompanyModel

    @(Html.X().Container() _
  6. Thanks Daniil,

    But this part now seems to be show stopper. I tried using the same in _CompanyDetail.vbhtml but again I am getting error.

    I have put this below code now after finally...
  7. Alright here is my code:


    Imports System.Collections
    Imports System.Collections.Generic
  8. I have already shared one of the example in zip file, as asked by fabricio. Also we have already purchased license, and I have posted the same issue in 4.X premium support, but fabricio...
  9. Alright you left me with no option but to go with more usage of Ext.NET to render partial on popup. I have taken up this to my client about the problem, and they are ready accommodate estimates...
  10. Hi Daniil,

    I tried doing the same but, when I click Edit button, the popup does not show, and I see below error.

    So if it is working for you, it should work for me as well. Can you please...
  11. Using more Ext.NET is another option which require us to give more time, since we are already in the last sprint of our project and using full ext.NET will require us to input more time into project...
  12. Hey Fabricio,

    I spent some time to create exact example project that I am working and facing issues.

    Here's the project link on dropbox from where you can download.

    EDIT: Removed .zip file...
  13. Setting initScriptMode="Inline" in web.config under tag <extnet> did work the charm for me. Now controls are getting rendered on partial view as well.

    Now the concern is will this change in...
  14. Hello Team,

    I am unable to render Ext.NET controls on partial view showing on bootstrap popup(modal) when called from following logic. The popup opens ok, but TextField does not get rendered and I...
  15. Hi,

    This really helped. using Sub instead of Function worked for me. But it is quite strange that Function is common approach.
  16. Controller.vb

    Imports Ext.Net
    Imports Ext.Net.MVC

    Public Class HomeController
    Inherits System.Web.Mvc.Controller

    Function Index() As ActionResult
  17. Hi fabricio.murta,

    Yes, you were right, versions of Ext.Net on both projects were different. But even after keeping both the versions same. Things are not working for VB.NET project.

  18. And in further investigation, I found that the Ext.axd file generated by compiler for each project is bit different. Below is the code of ext.axd generated from both projects(comparison).

  19. Hi,

    That maybe the case in MVC.
    But as yesterday I told you how I was able to attach RowContextMenu to GridPanel by adding View(). In actually I tried in C# first, but when I moved the same code...
  20. alright. I figured it out.

    RowContextMenu is not directly binded to GridPanel. I suppose, first ViewConfig of GridView type is required and then binding listener to GridView instead of GridPanel...
  21. Hi,

    I tried another thing to show the context menu but this is not what we are looking for.

    I removed the listener and instead added


    Now what it does is,...
  22. Thanks. Sorry I was not clear earlier. I have used same controller and model as mentioned in this example.

    Also what you suggested to add a ContextMenu and then bind to listeners. But it is not...
  23. Hello Guys,

    In Example explorer, I did not find any MVC example that demonstrate Context Menu in GridPanel.

    Since I am using language, so far I have added this GridPanel.

  24. Thanks. I used Html.X().ResourceManager and things started to move.

    I was able to run one example of grid panel given in example explorer. But again there are very less examples for MVC compared...
  25. We have this project which is on MVC architecture, and we have finalized VB.NET language (clients request) and created Views using razor syntax means .vbhtml instead of usual .cshtml. We are also...
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