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  1. Hello, just a small remark... the fix gh1648 introduced in Ext.NET 4.8.3 brought one mishap:

    onHideMenu: function() {
    var me = this;

    me.item = null;
  2. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for all your efforts. After various tests, I found out that I had to put the Ext.ux.BoxReorderer override on several places.

    In our framework, there is a System toolbar,...
  3. Hi Fabrício,
    to find out why clickValidator override is running on one toolbar while not on the other, I tried to debug the createInterceptor code:

    createInterceptor: function(origFn, newFn,...
  4. Hi Fabrício,
    as it is usual in your case, the solution provided works perfectly. However, I have one small problem: while the test case is running like a charm (Ext JS / Ext.NET 4.4.1), if...
  5. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for your prompt reply. Indeed, there are more inconsistencies in the way events and dragging are handled. I look forward to the results of your investigation.

    Kind regards...
  6. Hello support team,
    I use the following toolbar configuration based on the scenario suggested in post 284071:

    Layout = null;
    var X = Html.X();

    Toolbar toolbar = new...
  7. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for a quick and comprehensive reply. Your answer is clear to me and I have only one small comment:

    You are right that it is according to the API specifications (which...
  8. Hello support team,
    please take a look at the following tab panel:

    @using Ext.Net;
    @using Ext.Net.MVC;

    ViewBag.Title = "Tab Close Menu";
  9. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for outlining a possible solution. It is quite hardcoded, but sometimes the simple solutions are the best. It works well for my purpose and issue can be closed.

  10. Hello support team,
    I have bidirectional dragging from one grid to another. The first grid contains all the companies, the second one only favourites. Since for favourites we need only to show the...
  11. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for your comments. Using a style setting certainly offers a similar solution, though not as nice and straightforward as InputWidth. The thread can be closed.

    Kind regards...
  12. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for the explanation.

    Well, in my opinion, InputWidth is/was a very meaningful setting. Usually, the input length is more or less fixed: ZIP code *never* will be more...
  13. Hello support team,
    I would like to know why setting the width of the field input element using InputWidth() does not work as described:

    @using Ext.Net;
    @using Ext.Net.MVC;

  14. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for your explanation. As is common with your contributions, it is a very comprehensive and clear answer.

    I've already been able to customize the tooltip layout with...
  15. Hello support team,
    am I wrong if I expect the following code to work?

    @using Ext.Net;
    @using Ext.Net.MVC;

    ViewBag.Title = "QTip";
  16. I would like to return briefly to the closed issue SplitButton overflow menu not shown correctly. As stated in the initial post of this issue, the actual implementation is much more complex, and in...
  17. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for a prompt reply and highly professional approach. Your solution works like a charm.

  18. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for the quick reply. You are right, and what you say is visible and clear to me. I've reported it rather as a bug because the button and the overflow menu look like linked...
  19. Hello support team,
    when the window is wide enough to display the button, everything works well. However, if the window is shrunk, I get an error this.getIconCls is not a function when clicking an...
  20. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for reminding me of this post. I have not been able to answer earlier, only now I have come back from the holidays.

    Thanks for your suggestion, it works well. The last...
  21. Hi Fabrício,
    I understand your objection, but I did not change the test case too much. I made the window wider (to avoid on load error), turned off Flex and MinWidth on the outer button group and...
  22. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for your suggestion. You're right, my intention is to create a toolbar similar to MS Office. Your scenario works well and is almost perfect, but dynamic toolbar readjustment...
  23. Hi Fabrício,
    a simplified test case is here:

    Layout = null;
    var X = Html.X();

    AbstractComponent[] toolbar = new AbstractComponent[]
  24. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for answer. I understand your reproach very well and you are right... it was not simplified enough.

    I did not mention the controller because it is very simple:

  25. Hello support team,
    please refer to a considerably simplified test case of relatively sophisticated application toolbar rendering (based on button groups / buttons registration and user...
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