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  1. Hi Fabricio,

    I tried to simplfy the code to the upload path, can you try to simulate this error to help me?

    <%@ Page Title="Login" Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"...
  2. Hi support,

    I have fixed by the workaround method, click the page to forward that URL instead of opening by ext.window method, here is the code for reference, thanks for the attention anyway!

  3. Hi support,

    I am not sure it is a system bug or my program bug that if click the window border to resize then it hang cannot click buttons inside that window but can click "close" button.
  4. Hi support,

    I tried to search the examples and also the questions from this forum but no exact solution so i raised my problem below.

    I need upload a file to server and then save the file...
  5. Fabrício, I have to say thousands thanks to you!! You saved me on these days. It's really help me.
  6. I am new in EXT.NET, I want to create the image button with the background path but tried many times about the imagebutton attributes but still not the expected position (especially on the PostionY),...
  7. Hi Fabricio,

    Thank you very much! Let me try your advised approaches.
  8. Hello all,

    I am new in using EXT.NET and try to use the features of this, however, I would like to know if there is something like code block for C# ASPX on the front end depending on the logon...
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