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  1. Any news ?
  2. <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="View.ascx.cs" Inherits="XToolz.Modules.HotelShooting_Editor.View" %>
    <%@ Register TagPrefix="ext" Namespace="Ext.Net" Assembly="Ext.Net,...
  3. Hi Daniil

    I think you can reproduce the issue like this - it's a bit work...

    Create a new and clean DNN isntallation.
    Create a new DNN Compiled Module Project.
    Build the new Module - at...
  4. Hi all

    It's the first Time that I use Ext.Net in a DotNetNuke Module. I had a clean and running DNN Installation (7.x).
    Then I used Nuget to Install Ext.Net 3.5...

    Since then many intelli...
  5. Hi Daniil
    Thank's for the quick answer also on the weekend :-)
    Well, I found out that the problem exists on my home office pc ?!
    I did a test now on my office pc and it seems to be ok - that makes...
  6. Good Morning all

    I need help on a Problem with a self made Combobox. The use of this control is quite simple: i need to select addresses from a large address database. the selection should be done...
  7. Found it ! I'll do it in CSS

    .x-grid-cell-inner {
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 3px 6px;
    white-space: nowrap;
    height: 26px;
  8. Good Morning
    I need to change the Row Height in a Grid in Code Behind...

    Could someone give me a hint on how to do that ?

  9. PERFECT !
    Works fine :-)
  10. Sorry, I didn't explain it clearly - I need the length while tipping in the text (kind of SMS Style on Mobile Phones 'Remaining 7 of 157 Characters')
  11. This modification works - but it is not what I'm looking for :-)
    I need to check the current text length in the HTML Editor - any Idea for that ?
  12. Hi Daniil

    I tried the Example as it is and it doesn't trigger an event ?

    I changed the code a bit

    var onInitialize = function (ed) {

    ed.items.each(function (item) {
  13. Hi all

    I'm looking for a way to check the input length of a HTML Editor. The check should be done on each keystroke...
    I found the 'change' Event in the Ext.JS doc's...
  14. Wahhhhhhhh, didn't see :-/

    Thank's works !
  15. Hi all

    I need to set a TextArea and TextField Note in Java Script.

    Can't find the Method ? Any hint ?

  16. Jup, I can do it like that !

    Thanks Daniil
  17. Good Afternoon all

    I need to show Buttons in a text area. The Button is used to show the full text in case that the text length exceeds a given value.

    Can I add a button to a corner of a text...
  18. You're right...

    Thank's ticked can be closed !
  19. Thank's Daniil - that's it, but why is such a Property on a Numberfield by default disabled :-/

  20. No Daniil...

    I can't show the Decimalpart of my Value.
    If I set 100.00 (Decimal) as Value, I only see 100 (w/o decimal part)
  21. Good Afternoon all

    Could someone please give me an hint about the Decimal Precision on Number Fields...
    My Idea was, if I pass a Decimal Value to the Field, the DecimalPrecision is used to...
  22. Good Morning all

    I need to control the 'Z-Index' of a Window !

    We use a Page with 3 User Controls. One of this Controls provides a Window for a Dialog. This Windows pop's up in it's User...
  23. Ooop's - that's to simple :-)

    Thank's Daniil - have a nice weekend...
  24. Good Morning all

    I need to display an Indicator in a Textbox. My first idea was a Button in the Box, but that is just confusing (the button is not used as a button he's just the placeholder for an...
  25. Thanks Fabricio

    works fine !

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