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  1. Thanks for your help.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't search on the top search box. I can't use google in China.
    And than I try to search forums in single and multiple,but showing this.
    Did I miss something ?

  3. I get it.I am 'New'.I will continue to study hard!
    Thank you for your patient reply.
  4. I try your way before, but didn't work.

    It's work.But I don't want URL to Tabtitle.

    <Click Handler="addTab(#{TabPanel1}, 'idClt', 'BasicS.aspx', this);" />

    When I using your...
  5. I am sorry, I hadn’t made myself fully clear.
    title : url,
    Only can set the fixed for title, right?
    What I want is set each title for each tab by myself.

    If tab1 is...
  6. in this examples :

    How can I custom title for each of tab ? Not only to show the url. Thank you.
  7. 25398slider
    Hi to all

    Store link to SQL database. Actual field number is very less, I have no idea why so wide. How can I remove the slider?
    Thank you.

    <ext:ComboBox ID="Com_CName" ...
  8. I know how to do. Will try it later.Thanks again.
  9. Thread: Unlicensed

    by Kerry
    I already added a license key at Web.config, but the web page still show unlicensed.Please help.
  10. 25366 Yes,like this.

    I don't have anything in my toolbox, I try to search ""in toolbox ,but still nothing.
  11. 25365

    I already install, but can't get the tools in toolbox. What did I miss or what can I do now?
    Thank again.
  12. Can tell more details step by step? I am a novice.
    Thank you so much.
  13. @xDroid
    Thanks for your replied.But I want to filtering not sorting.
  14. Thank you very much for your reply.
  15. Hi all,

    I am using 2.0 right now, can I update to 2.5 (or 4.1) for free? If is possible how and where to update it? Thank you for help.
  16. Hey Guys,

    I need some help at work. We are trying to build a searchable database for our inventory at work, but we need to add a Filtering method like excel provides so that we can select 2 or...
  17. I want to filtering like Excel:

    And then I use ListFilter and Store

    <ext:Store ID="Store_Inventory" runat="server">
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