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  1. Dear,
    thanks for the reply, I already changed the model field to string and still reading it as date or auto hide leading zeores so
    i think it will read it as int sometimes, this happened only in...
  2. Dears,
    here is the problem in screenshots

    this field stored as nvarchar in sql


    then it will appear as date like here:

  3. simply i update on my main project then add tab is not working now given the following error :

    Uncaught ReferenceError: newTab is not defined
    at ctor.fn ((index):241)
  4. hello,
    i searched for many threads in this forum about grid panel cell tool-tip,
    in this example
    everything is working...
  5. it doesn't work for me !!!
  6. you need to reload tree panel first then the combo box and thanks for nothing
  7. Thank you.

    That is exactly what i want.
    and its very helpful for filtering the grids and autocomplete combo-box.

    thanks again
  8. Hi everyone,
    There is a problem on [change event] for example if i use a textbox to filtr a grid panel like this:

    <ext:TextField ID="txtSearch" runat="server" MarginSpec="0 0 0 20"...
  9. Hey,
    You need to create a custom css file and load it to the main page of your project,
    and change the font size for more than one attribute,
    example :

    .x-btn { //ext buttons
  10. I found how to show calender or any jqury plugin over an ext.window using css

    .calendars-popup {//css class name
    /*must be over 80000 to beat ext.window*/
    z-index: 80000 !important;
  11. Hi, I have this TreePanel inside a DropDownField
    I fill it from code behind,but when i call the fill function in direct event it wont fill and refresh it again,with the new data.

  12. Hello everyone

    I have a problem with Calendar Picker localization for Arabic Language

    when i use this resource manager in my master page

    <ext:ResourceManager ID="ResourceManager1" ...
  13. Thanks for your replay.
    it works but instead of

    <h3><a href="#" onclick="addTab(App.TabContainer, 'test page', '/TestPage.aspx','new tab');return false;" >test page</a></h3>

    i used

  14. Hi everybody,
    In this case I want to open a new tab,we usually use this script

    <ext:XScript ID="XScript1" runat="server">

    var addTab = function...
  15. Thank you very much, now its work like a charm!

    a tiny problem here is that when i use the plugin inside a windows it will not appear.

    <ext:Window ID="editPersonAuthorWindow"...
  16. Thanks for your replay.
    This is a full example from keith wood website

    In my case...
  17. Hi everyone,
    I want to use a JQuery Plugin(Arabic Hijri Calender Date Picker) with ext text field.
    Here is used plugin

    My Code

  18. Hi, Thank you for your reply.
    I will try to describe my case
    first: I used comboBox as autoComplete box so there is no dropdownlist and that works fine
    notice that it has a propriety
  19. Hello everyone,
    I make an auto-complete comboBox and bind data into its store via .ashx ajax proxy.
    now the combobox works fine but when I set a text value into it , this will return an empty...
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