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  1. I asked this question a while ago.

    I am asking it again now. I might need to use extjs or in a new mvc app. I started to think about using pure extjs vs. One of the...
  2. Hello:

    If we purchase an Ext.Net 5 users license (price $4,999), is it possible to get an additional paid premium license for ExtJs for 1 user that includes the Sencha Architect? Or are they...
  3. Hey, guys:

    In ExtJs you can run senchacmd to package all the scripts and their dependencies in a minimized script, and this way minimize the amount of extjs code your page needs.

    Is this doable...
  4. Hello:

    Do these issues still appear in Ext.Net 4.0.0?

    Thank you
  5. Hello:

    In Ext.Net 2.5.2 there used to be a Local property in the GridFilters class:

    /// <summary>
    /// True to use filter functions (local filtering)...
  6. In Ext.Net 2.5 there used to be a Scope property which allowed one to specify a scope for the renderer JavaScript function.

    This is from the Ext.Net\Utility\Renderer.cs 2.5.2 source code:

  7. Has it been replaced by AllowNull?

    Why is this not reported as a breaking change in the changlog document?

  8. I understand, but I have to say that it is confusing. For a moment I thought changing the theme didn't work because of slight changes in the UI, i.e. in the current page I had opened the change was...
  9. I am using FF and when I change the themes by using the dropdown menu displayed by clicking on the cog icon (top let corner of the tree menu) the theme changes are effective only in the selected...
  10. Hello:

    I am attempting to upgrade from Ext.Net 2.5 MVC to Ext.Net 4.0 MVC and there is no TriggerField class! Has it been replaced?

  11. I would be very curious to see some numbers, to get an idea whether this move increased the income for Ext.Net & Sencha or not, or perhaps get some confirmation that yes, the move led to more income...
  12. Hello:

    I have the same issue. What I don't understand is why is Ext.Net forced to sell licenses for 5 minimum? I don't know what kind of understanding you have with Sencha - usually the devil is...
  13. I posted the same issue here:

    I used this fix:...
  14. Hello:

    Is it possible to inject some dynamic JavaScript code instead of registering a global script? For instance, if I want to run
    alert('Some message'); before the components in the...
  15. Hello:

    This is a weird one - it works fine in IE 11 & FF 38.0.1 but in Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65 m it has the following behaviour:

    1. Go to:...
  16. I ended up implementing my own.

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.grid.filter.DateFilterEx', {
    extend: 'Ext.ux.grid.filter.DateFilter',
    alias: 'gridfilter.datex',
  17. Hello:

    I have a case where the users have to enter missing values (they are sparse) and I was thinking of providing a grid panel filter to select just the rows that are missing the values (the...
  18. Hello:

    Is the multi cell selection supported in 2.5? It doesn't seem so. What about 3.1?

  19. I looked at the source code to see how SelectParsingDisabled is used and it turns out that using TokenUtils.Settings.SelectParsingDisable = true is safe in the case of my project.

    You can close...
  20. Sorry for insisting on this, if you were to set SelectParsingDisable = true in your examples projects (webforms and MVC) could you indicate a page that would be broken?

    Thank you
  21. Using:

    TokenUtils.Settings.SelectParsingDisable = true;

    fixes the issue.

    Would this affect situations where I have something like this:
  22. Hi:

    I tried:

    TokenUtils.Settings.DisableDuringDirectEvent = true;

    but it doesn't seem to have an effect on a controller method that returns a DirectResult.

    The code looks roughly like...
  23. I qualify what I am sending back as "data". For instance, in the example on this thread, the goods collection returns "data". I don't think what qualifies as "data" should be scanned (I understand...
  24. If I use one of these settings, what is the impact? Could you please point to a scenario where using disableDuringDirextEvent=true would break existing code?

    I don't have a good appreciation of...
  25. The problem is that $ can be saved in any text field. It can be anywhere, basically. And I cannot replace $ with &dollar; in all string values. I cannot sprinkle my code everywhere with replace...
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