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  1. Hi Guys, is not available. is..

    Is that on purpose ?


  2. Thread: Sencha

    by CarWise
    Hi Guys,

    Congratulations with your Sencha deal.

    Keep up the good work !

  3. Hi Guys,

    I seem to be the one who's posting the example bugs :)

    There is a bug in the mobile example: Events --> DirectEvents --> Duration Example..

    Have a nice day,

  4. Somethings wrong there..

  5. Hi Guys,

    Ajax linked combo's have no width.25284

  6. Thanks Fabricio,

    I solved it with some css.


  7. Sorry to re-open this very old thread.

    But updated my existing project through nuget. It seems that the current latest 1.7.0 build is missing these images again. Am I right ?


  8. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for that many info for this small problem. I didn't try it yet. Was just looking at the 3.* example code. Your viewconfig solution works fine for me !

    Have a nice weekend !...
  9. TransformGrid. Missing striperows="true" option
    Hi Guys,

    Probably there's another solution. But converting our 1.* application to 3.* I couldn't find the attribute 'striperows' in the TransformGrid.

    How do I achieve the same functionality....
  10. Hi Fabricio. I will look into that thread...

  11. Hi guys,

    I use a datefield for day of birth. It's for a drivers-license. Here in Holland you can drive from 17 years old so I set the Max date on today minus 17 years. That's no problem ofcourse....
  12. Gridwindow.ascx (codebehind)

    public int ShortCutX { get; set; }
    public int ShortCutY { get; set; }

    Gridwindow.ascx (HTML)
  13. Hi guys,

    Using your desktop example. Is it possible the set the x,y position of a shortcut for gridwindow.ascx in the code behind from the desktop.aspx

    I know I can set the X and Y in the...
  14. Hi Fabricio,

    My bad. It works.

    I expected to define the filterRecord like in Ext.NET 2.* .. using that gave me an error.

    Mark as solved.
  15. Hi guys,

    Is there an easy way to get only the filtered gridrecords with grid.getRowsValues() ?

  16. Just came back from my holiday and discovered this. I'm a happy man :)

  17. Thanks Fabio..

    Working with the framework for quite a while, but never used User Controls. I think that's why I'm a little stuck right now. :)
  18. Ok,

    One remark.

    Why can i do this without a problem? When trying the same in the main aspx page what I tried to achieve in a usercontrol.. it works like a charm. I can't comprehend that. But...
  19. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for the explanation. I already expected it had something to do with the page cycle.

    I used Ext.Net 1.x to make version 1 of our app and used IFRAMES with seperate aspx pages...
  20. Get Value
    Hi Guys,

    Working on a large desktop project and looking for an answer. Check following files.

    I would like to get the value of Textfield tfTest (Test2.ascx) to be shown in codebehind when using...
  21. Hi Fabricio,

    Thank you for your long anwser. I can work around my second question, so that's no problem. The first question was just out of curiosity. I couldn't comprohend what I was doing :)
  22. Hi guys,

    Trying to use the itemselector, but I have 2 questions in my test app:

    Why do I need to update the selecteditems to show the (still non selected) items in the 'available' box initially...
  23. Hi Guys,

    Can you check your examples website ?

    ** Edit **

    It seems to work again

    ** Edit **
  24. Hi,

    My mistake .. I thought it meant that it sorted 1 to ... (so nicely the right order)

    Please close the thread :)

  25. Hi guys,

    It seems that your Multiselect Drag and Drop reorder examples don't reorder :) (on all different frameworks)

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