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  1. We don't have a Chat sample, but this would certainly be nice to have. I have wanted to create a Chat component for a long time.

    I would likely still use SignalR though.

    We don't have the...
  2. Unfortunately, no. At least not at this time.

    Our goal is to work our way through upgrading all the previous Ext.NET Legacy WebForms and MVC samples to Ext.NET Classic, but it's going to take some...
  3. The performance improvement with the new Ext.NET Classic vs the old Legacy (WebForm | MVC) builds is significant.

    We are aware of and have isolated several performance issues in Legacy. We will...
  4. Hi. I took a look and we do not have a sample demonstrating this scenario.

    If you're looking for extra professional services to help on your project, posting a request in the Jobs forum may help...
  5. We have fixed the issue and we can provide a patch release for testing if you email with the request.

    With the next release, no workaround is required and the original...
  6. There is a defect in Ext.NET, but there is also an easy workaround that can be used until the fix becomes available.

    Please make the following revision within your projects Startup.cs file, inside...
  7. Yep, there's an issue here.

    A fix might not be as straightforward as we initially thought.

    We are still working our way through some potential solutions and will post another update once we...
  8. Hi. Thanks for the report. We are investigating.
  9. Thanks for the additional feedback. We are working our way through fixing this issue and will update the old blog posts and docs with the most recent install details. I'll review the vsix template...
  10. We have reproduced the js error and it looks like this might be an issue in IE only. Viewing the page in Edge, Chrome/Chromium, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc. should should work fine.

    We are...
  11. Thanks for posting this question and providing a detailed reproducible sample.

    We are investigating and we should be able to provide another update very shortly.
  12. See the following post:

    Or, direct to the blog post announcement:...

    The official Ext.NET Classic for ASP.NET Core version 7.0.0 GA has been released and is now available for download.

    Blog post...
  14. Hi @Peter.Treier,

    Thanks for contacting us. We believe everything should work fine with .NET Framework 4.8, but we're running some tests to confirm.

    We will also update the README and system...
  15. Currently, that feature does not exist as a setting in the Desktop component.
  16. Is your browser zoom level set to 100%?
  17. Thanks for the sample. We will investigate.

    What browser are you using and is your browser zoom level set to 100%?
  18. Maybe Desktop1.TaskBar.Hide()?
  19. The sample you provided throws an exception.

    Can you remove all the code from the sample you provided that is not directly related to the scenario? Pasting in a giant wall of code is not helpful.
  20. Can you demonstrate what you have tried so far?
  21. We have asked many many times for you to provide a simplified sample demonstrating how to reproduce the issue and we have asked that you follow the forum guidelines, but for some reason you just seem...
  22. Are you enabling this cookieless authentication with the following setting in your projects web.config?

    <sessionState cookieless="true" />

    I can't see how this would have changed between...
  23. Is the (S(nqzfybq5vi4hgzopjmpv4nmk)) part for passing a cookie identifier?
  24. Hi. We're going to need more information. Ideally you could provide enough details to reproduce the issue locally.

    If you use the browser developer tools and inspect those elements, what is the...
  25. Please try w.setDraggable(false);.

    Hope this helps.
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