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  1. Hi Vladsch,

    Is there any way to get the FileUploadField assigned file in server side, where FileUploadField is INSIDE A GRIDPANEL.
    like ..

    public void GetFileName(string strValue)
  2. Hi All,

    I have a FileUploadField inside a GridPanel.
    I want to get the full name from javascript or using listeners or AjaxMethod.

    Its working fine in IE 7 i am getting the full Path by...
  3. Hi All,

    I am using a FileUploadField inside a editable grid. But when i click on the browse button its not opening the file browser window. Please note that if i add the same FIleUploadField...
  4. That great .. and thanks to you....

    But there is a small problem...... as it is not rendering properly....... when i change the class of div.
    I have a editable grid inside the div where i can...
  5. Hi All,

    I am using GridPanel for displaying data. It is working fine.
    But I want to display gridpanel inside a div having style display:none.

    I mean,
    I have 3 div inside a page, first time...
  6. Thanks for your kind support.

    Is it available for downlaod for testing purpose? As I have already dowloaded community editon
    <TABLE class=download>
  7. Thanks for your reply.

    I am very new to coolite controls.

    please let me know how to implement the same in .net using coolite controls. If you have sample code, that will be very appriciated.
  8. Can I see sample somwhere?
  9. Hello Support,

    We are looking to buy this product. As we have seen all exmples here

    But I did not seen the Freezing (Locking) of Column feature example. As this is...
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