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  1. Hello Michael!

    I am afraid the news aren't great, but take a look at this forum thread with the exact same question: How to change time format in Calendar Panel to 24h

    Hope this helps!
  2. Hello Gidi!

    How exactly does that not work? Any error message, red squiggles in VS?
  3. Hello again, @bbros! And thanks for the follow-up and solution that worked best for you!

    As I mentioned in our last post, I didn't specifically say that Spotless had Font Awesome icons built...
  4. Hello @bbros!

    The message you linked mentioned font awesome was in newer themes, but I only had in mind Sencha themes, not Ext.NET's Spotless one. In fact, even the shipped Material theme has the...
  5. Thanks for the feedback, glad it helped!
  6. Hello @mehdy!

    Thanks for the test case, I am pretty confident I have a hang of what the issue is now.

    The easiest way out of your issue would be to just add these buttons to the window itself...
  7. Hello @dhpatrebo!

    I'm afraid the answer is not short and simple as how it should work. It simply is not obvious how it works and, how it used to, for one reason or another, was interrupted by some...
  8. Hello @mehdy!

    Please provide a runnable test case reproducing what you've described in the last post so we can further help you with it.
  9. Hello @josephmkchan!

    For (1) unfortunately I don't see any built-in mechanism to grant you this behavior. But I don't really see what you want and what you're calling "figures" and "%" there. For...
  10. Hello @mehdy!

    Do you require to determine the view name from code behind? If it's always going to be the same, you can just go ahead and specify the view name/path in a Component Loader. In your...
  11. Alright, thanks for the feedback, and glad it didn't happen again, hopefully never will! :)

    Marking as closed.
  12. Hello again, @jirihost!

    Here's the example, then I'll point some parts of the changes:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  13. Hello again, @jirihost!

    I mean that, when you are doing "client side paging", there will be, under the hood, a "paged store" that displays only what's in the current grid's page. But then, to...
  14. Hello Gidi!

    I'm a bit lost here... What does #{Image1} points to, exactly, is that an Ext.NET component? Can you provide a little more context on the scanario you have at hand?

    In general,...
  15. Hello Gidi!

    Thanks for your feedback, I hope the examples linked helped; thanks also for sharing a brief of what solution fit you best!
  16. Hello @bbros!

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    I'm not sure why you are randomly getting it. There could have been a typo, maybe? I have tested a sample using your code block and it...
  17. Hello again, @jirihost!

    Glad you are okay with upgrading, if you have trouble doing so, don't hesitate to contact us!
  18. Hello again, @Jirihost!

    Sorry yet again for the delay!\

    You are getting just "10" records instead of the total because you're looking at the "paged" store. From it, you'd need to get to the...
  19. Hello @Jirihost!

    Just by looking to your updated code sample I don't see attempts to use the SelectionMemory concept we highlighter earlier. Have you had no luck using the SelectionMemory to keep...
  20. Hello Jirihost!

    I apologize for the delay, we are on your issue now and will respond today with something of help!
  21. Hello @jirihost!

    As this issue is very likely specific to 4.x, I've moved your thread to the corresponding forums. It is okay to post issues in 5.x if you use 4.x still, but we recommend you to...
  22. Hello @gidi!

    I'm not sure I can follow just by the bits you provided, but it doesn't look right to filter different IDs in the same column and get any result. It is like saying "I want to show...
  23. Hello @jirihost!

    I am afraid your test case... works! When I click the button (or resize, or move) the window containing the grid panel, the check boxes are kept as they were; checked as they...
  24. Thanks for the feedback, glad to be of assistance!
  25. Hello again!

    Thanks for the feedback and glad the hints were helpful!
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