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  1. Another possible fix

    .x-form-text {
    display: inherit;
  2. Another possible fix

    .x-form-text {
    display: inherit;
  3. Hi

    Try this fix

    .x-form-text {
    display: inherit;
  4. Hi

    Please post simple test sample which demonstrate the issue
  5. This thread is related with
    Please investigate possible fix in that thread
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the report, we are reviewing a possible fix, at this moment you can try the following fix (from sencha thread which you mentioned)

    Ext.define('', {
  7. Hi

    During DirectEvent/DirectMethod you have to use `SetValue` method


    or call `UpdateSelectedItems` method after changing of SelectedItem(s)
  8. Hi

    We need simple test sample which demonstrates the issue, please post it and we will review
  9. Hi,

    Well, to replace proxy of store you just need to set new proxy instance for `proxy` field of store in javascript, like this

    App.MyStore1.proxy = new_proxy_instance;
  10. Hi,

    Did you try to recreate your user control in Page_Init instead Page_Load?
  11. Hi

    Did you define associations in the store like in online example?
    Please define simple test sample which demonstrates the issue and we will help you
  12. Hi

    Please see
  13. Hi

    Please post simple test case which demonstrates your scenario. We have to run it and check (test case must be runnable on our side)
  14. Hi,

    From your sample is not clear which Panel do you use (Ext.Net.Panel or ASP Panel)
    Please post a sample which does not require any changes from our side

    Also please see the following...
  15. Hi

    Please see the following thread
  16. Hi

    Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce it on latest Chrome version

    Please try the following override as temp fix

  17. Ext.Net cannot affect on accessing to controls in code behind
    For me, your sample works fine

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" %>
    <%@ Register assembly="Ext.Net"...
  18. Please clarify how do you use that code? I mean what event do you use to execute that code? Do you use buffer for event handler?
  19. I see NULL on your screenshot, i guess that you data contains string with value 'NULL' because real null value cannot be rendered like in your screenshot. Please show how is your data is rendered to...
  20. FilterHeader has no such functionality, you can try it manually but it has no sense imho because each filtered row will have searching string

    You can try the following snippet (i did not test it,...
  21. Hi

    Set Filterable="false" for a column, see the following example (first column)
  22. Do you have license key in web.config?
  23. Do you use IIS under VS2012? Just check in what section (system.web or system.webServer) are registered http handler and module and check what web server do you use (for IIS7 you need to use...
  24. You can use ResourcesStrategy, please see
  25. What do you mean under "we receive the failure on the following Urls "? What response for the following urls?
    Did you try CDN mode for resources?
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