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  1. Ok, thank you :)
  2. Ok, thank you..

    but what happens if instead of "abc()" was just "return false" for the function where showMessage was called?

    fn : function (buttonId) {
    if (buttonId == 'ok'...
  3. Hi, I want to know if is possible the next steps/functions just be called after the user clicking on"ok button" in Ext.Msg.Show({... ?

    Using this function:

    function showMessage() {
  4. Hi Daniil,
    I don't know, I'll try it. But using AjaxResult instead of RestResult how will I know what function will be called (success or failure)?

    Thank you
  5. Hi,

    I have a UserControl with one button that works perfectly in FF but in IE the Direct Event calls the "failure function" even when RestResult.Success is "true".

    Button in Ascx:

  6. Hi,

    I would like to know if is possible reload a gridpanel when using GridPanelFor with data comming from Controller.

    Please, look:

    public ActionResult Index()
  7. Hi

    We were just thinking about that hoping to have more control of the html. But we realized that will be better using all Ext Components

    Thank you
  8. Hi,

    We are going to update our project to Ext 2.x using Razor.

    Also, we want to use only EXT "controls" components (Button, Combobox, Gridpanel) but with making the page layout with HTML (using...
  9. 5354


    I need to deploy my project in a site nested another site in IIS as in the attached image. The website to deploy is "CadastroProdutos"

    But I'm having problems with the path of...
  10. I did not know this function.. thank you!
  11. hi,

    but I can't get this fieldset object from page1.aspx (the page called in "auto load")
  12. Hi,

    There is any function to reload/refresh a page that is loaded from "auto load" property of a FieldSet?

    I have the following control:

    <ext:FieldSet ID="fsSample" runat="server">
  13. When I had used GroupingView and RowExpander the records was not grouped... Maybe was my mistake..

    but you sample with controller worked fine to me, thank you!
  14. I already had trying this but using both tags the records are not grouped.

    And this last image contains only my sql query
  15. But how can I created the dynamic controls like sample in controller?
  16. hi again..

    is it possible to use both

  17. Edited in first post
  18. Hi,

    Is it possible I do this grouping method

    but using MVC? I need to use Controllers and I can't use these page...
  19. I really don't know. Sometimes works fines sometimes not
  20. Hi,

    I think I found the problem. Can you try?

    if you drag and drop a line up to a bass line works, but not the other way
  21. Sorry Daniil, I guess is ok
  22. Hi,

    I'm using the sample to reorder the gridpanel rows.

    But I would like get (in controller) the new order of the rows but I do not...
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