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  1. <ext:Window
    Title="Hello World"
  2. Hi,

    In my requirement I have 4 multicombo box and a button. If any one of the multicombos is completely unselected, then the button shud be disabled.

    Below is the code am using:

  3. Well, I can use .getSelectedValues() to get the selected items. Thanks for the help EnZo. The thread can be closed :)
  4. HI Enzo, thanks for the reply. It is working fine for the current Multicombo. But I have an extended requirement. Actually i have 4 different multicombos. On change of any of the 4 multicombo's I...
  5. Hello,

    I have a multicombo control. I have button next to it. My requirement is to disable the button when the unselects all the option in the multi combo. How can I achieve this in JS. I am...
  6. Hi,

    I have a multi combo like below:

    <ext:MultiCombo ID="mlcmbWaterlineFunded" runat="server" LabelAlign="Left"
  7. 24086

    Hello Please check the above image. During the loading mask is spinning on the page, the right side of the page will be partially chopped off. Once the loading mask completes, the page comes...
  8. Hi,

    I have grid panel, on right clicking on any of the data htere is a context menu. On selecting any of the values from the context menu a pop up will be opened. Below is the window am using in...
  9. Thanks EnZO :)
    Its working fine. Thread can be closed.!!
  10. Hi EnZo,

    Well, I tried the code u have given but its not working. And as u said by default it will be at the top. But in the server side I am using checkbox selection model. And i am checking few...
  11. Hello,
    After the page load the scroll bar automatically goes to the bottom. How to set it back to top.

  12. Hello,

    I have grid panel which is being created dynamically. There is context menu used in it. Once the options in context menu is selected, I am using the grid column header name to process...
  13. I have grid panel which is generated dynamically. first 3 column will be locked. This is working fine when the page is loaded normally. But when the same page is opened inside a pop up columns are...
  14. Thanks Prasoon :)
    I will give a try right now..! It should work.
  15. Hi EnZo,

    It returns only unlocked columns.
  16. I am creating a grid panel dynamically. While creating am locking the first 3 columns. So that the horizontal scroll bar starts from the 4th column. I have context menu implemented for the grid which...
  17. Thanks Daniil, it worked fine. One last thing. How do i write the below blur event:

  18. Thanks Daniil,

    As per the link u have suggested I could code like below:

    e.config = {
    xtype: "textfield",
    queryMode: "local",
  19. Thanks Daniil,

    How do i have a render event for a dynamically created text field.

    <ext:TextField ID="TextField1" runat="server">
  20. I have a requirement, in which I have two grids with checkbox selection model. On checking the header checkbox of the first grid, i want the header check box of the next grid to be automatically...
  21. I found the below code in the forum for having a dynamic combobox inside a grid during the beforebind event.:

    var onBeforeBind = function(column, e) { // "e" contains "config",...
  22. Yes Daniil, I want the cell to be liked disabled.
  23. I have two gridpanels. On clicking the column of the first grid, the second grid loads, like below image:

    In the image you can see, I have clicked on CPS, and its corresponding values are loaded...
  24. I am using checkbox selction model in a grid. And am checking some of the rows during the page load using the below code:

    RowSelectionModel sm = this.grdTier3Mapping.SelectionModel.Primary as...
  25. I have a gridpanel with 2 columns, One is a normal column field and the other is an editor field which i have inside a component column. On checkbox check and uncheck i want to enable and disable the...
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