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  1. Hi,

    i search the forum for this, but i was unable to find a answer.

    I have a grid which i would like to disable column reorder. I don't want my client to drag and drop the columns and change...
  2. Hi guys,

    I have a question regarding editors in the gridview.

    I have a combobox in ColA of my grid. This combobox have hardcoded values and the user can only choose one of them.

    In ColB, i...
  3. Hi,

    I have a window that loads an aspx with a friendly version of a grid. Its a representation of it, made with aspTable.

    This window is shown when the user press a preview button or a print...
  4. Hi everybody,

    how can i insert a value in a column, which will be readonly or hidden when i insert a new record.

    My goal is the following:
  5. Hi,
    i was trying to hide some columns of a grid, when i found this example

    When i saw the code example i notice that you...
  6. Hi,

    I solved this problem.

    Instead of having a function, i wrote all the code in the handler itself, taking advantage of the #{} syntax.

    So, may handler look like this:
  7. Hi,

    I did and the error occurs when the javascript try to get the country by id.

  8. Hi Vladimir,

    fast reply. :)

    I miss that example completely.

    I try to reproduce that making the changes for my case, but i get an error in javascript, saying that the StoreCombo is not...
  9. Hi everyone,

    i have a problem using a grid. Maybe is a bit odd, but here it goes.

    public class Person
  10. Hi Filip,

    bobj.ListAll() delivers a List<OClockInOutRegister>.

    Even if calculate the values i need in a foreach loop, the store is bound to the properties of OClockInOutRegister. I would...
  11. Hi Filip,

    thanks for the reply, but i'm interested in intercept the event on the server.

    Which i need to do involve some calculation with variables which i have on the server side....

  12. Hi everyone,

    I'm using a gridpanel in association with a store which contains a jsonreader.

    This is what i have:

    <ext:Store ID="Store1" runat="server"...
  13. Hi Geoffrey,

    thanks for fast reply, but with that change, i get an error: 'htmlfile: Unknown runtime error'.

    Did you see the page being rendered inside window2? And if so, how can i...
  14. Hi Geoffrey,

    sorry for the error, my bad.

    There is a new release with the corrected example and also the updated code.

  15. Hi everybody,

    i have a modal window (let's call it window1) with a button.

    When the user clicks on that button, the idea is to open a new modal window (let's call it window2).
  16. Hi everybody,

    I have a window that contains controls with data. The window is an aspx page with asp controls.

    This window is used to perform edit (if the user selects one row from the grid) or...
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