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  1. I've found a solution a simple, in the afteredit event I set the rowNumber to a new store field.
    Then I use it in the code behind.

    var afterEdit = function (e) {
  2. Is there a way to bind RowNumbererColumn to the Store and send it to the server?
    I need this value in order to show error messages from code behind

    I've tried the traditional way and is not...
  3. It worked perfectly!! Thanks a lot!!
  4. I have the following code:

    function selectPreviousRow() {
    var prevSelectedIndexValue = document.getElementById('ucLoadChartsConfigurationEdit_hidPrevVersionSelectedRow').value;

  5. Thanks Daniil,
    But with version 1.2 sources and sources of the latest version, occurs the same error.
    Win.dd object is...
  6. When upgrading to 1.0.4380.20378 from 1.0.3904.22021 Ext.Net.dll, there was an error in the function tuneDesktopWindow (file ext.axd), Win.dd object is null.
    We got the latest version of the...
  7. Can you give me the sample you've used for it please?
  8. I realized that maybe the issue is related with the fact that my .aspx is being opened inside another .aspx

    Can you check it? I used the control in another pages and it works perfectly..
  9. Can you provide me the changed code because I need to fix it without downloading the latest version because I need to re-test all the application, because it's in production enviorment.
  10. Hi, here is an simplified example, because there is a lot of extra code.
    The problem is only in IE8

    <ext:TabPanel ID="tpHeaderInfo" runat="server" Border="true" ActiveIndex="0"...
  11. Hi, this link is broken and i need to fix this, can you provide me the correct link
  12. Hi! How you can see in the image, I'm having a problem with the position of my DropDownField Grid... it shows itself a few pixels down of the correct position:


    It happens when I publish...
  13. It's Done!
  14. Hi,

    I've found a problem with the GridPanel's ScrollBars when a GridPanel and Accordion is combined.
    If the GridPanel is in the first Panel, there is no problem.
    If you add a GridPanel in the...
  15. Hi,

    I've got the follwing problem with Internet Explorar 6: some controls are being cut. Please see the captures; one shows the issue, and the other shows how it should be displayed.

  16. Thanks, I'll post the response ASAP.

  17. I meant: how could I add your code in order to show the response.responseText only when this BADRESPONSE is thrown. If this is not the error, I'll like to show the errorMessage.
  18. Thank you Vladimir,

    The problem is that I have this in the Failure property:

    Failure="Ext.MessageBox.alert(strSaveErrorMessage, result.errorMessage);#{btnSaveAndCloseFooter}.enable();"
  19. How can I get more information to debug this problem?
    Can you give me a clue?
  20. So that it means? a communication problem?
  21. Hi,

    A User is getting a BADRESPONSE message during a DirectEvent.
    This is not happening to everyone, and not always just sometimes.

    Can somebody tell me why he's getting this message?

  22. Maybe it's a combination of different things..
    Thank's anyway, your example was really helpfull...
  23. I finally discovered what was wrong!
    I removed the property 'PageSize' and it worked well.

    Any idea why that property causes this?

  24. Yes I am, I'm sure because I put a break point in the store's OnRefreshData (in the codebehind) in order to debbug it, but if I don't change the filter it doesn't stop on the break point...
  25. Ok! I'll prepare that.. Thanks!
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