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  1. Any Idea?
    It can not be too hard
  2. Hello.

    I want to make a custom control for a panel.

    But i don't find the method "InitPanelForBuilder<..." like your example "InitFieldForBuilder<MyTextField, ..." in the class BuilderFactory.
  3. It is posible to modify the default textfiled heigth and the Font size?

    I can't do it with:

  4. Hello Again.

    Now all is working ok.

    Only changed the store proxy:

  5. Hello.

    I am trying to send the resource file information to the page.

    I am using a Store, but on the listener of the store, who call a script on the web page, i can't see the sended...
  6. Finally, i used a script on the page:

    .DirectEvents(de => {
    de.Click.Action = "SubmitSelection1";
  7. Solution:

    Use the real path:

    nombreVista = "~/Areas/Administration/Views/MeasurementUnit/MeasurementUnitView.cshtml";
  8. Hi again.

    I am trying to open a view in a new tab. But the view is placed in a Mvc folder Area.

    I have a View with a TabPanel and a button.

  9. Ok.

    I found an example with a "MultiSelect", who send to the controller the selected ítems.

    Multiselect code in CSHTML

  10. Yes. Line 13 is only for test and didactic purposes.

    Tanks for all.
  11. Ok.

    Then, how i can send a list with the id's of the opened tabs from the view to the server (Controller)?

    Or it is not posible.

    somethink like? Really i don't know.
  12. Hello.

    I have a View with a TabPanel in a CSHTML file.

  13. Ok.

    The final solution:

    The cshtml is like:

    .DirectEvents(m =>
  14. Hello.

    I am using a TreePanel component and i have a problema to send to the action the id or name of the clicked node.

    The cshtml is like:

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