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  1. My bad... I was looking for such method in sources attentively, and didnt find it.
    Anyway thanks a lot, Daniil!
  2. Hi,
    I created a lot of my own controls, inherited from various Ext.Net controls...
    Most of those controls use js/css resources, registered by overriding List<ResourceItem> Resources { get; }....
  3. Thank you.
  4. Please take a look at the sinppet:


    var treeTabPanel = ext.TabPanel();
    foreach(var tree in Model.Trees) {
    treeTabPanel.ItemsFromPartial("Tree", tree);
  5. Ok. I will not argue. But I'm sure a lot of people like me, and it will be an unpleasant surprise. Least because the sprites, especially when used in the menu items are recommended and best practice....
  6. yes. i did the same. and it's work fine...
    but I do not really understand why it was necessary to add style background-size at the library, because now using sprites will always needs to override...
  7. Well, I did it... but not sure this is right way... Maybe there are any property, or some kind of setting to use or not use ext.js background-size style for menu items. In my mind, allways use...
  8. Vladimir, As I saw in your example - there is a single image per file (link for background)... but I have a sprite - a set of images in single file, and background-position in css to choose one:

  9. after upgrading from version 2.4 to 2.5.1 I had problems with displaying sprites in menu items.
    Please look at the attached images...

    In the new version ext.js appeared style

  10. Daniil, thanks... but I'm not sure this is good way for me... I need to generate Ext.Action dynamically from codebehind, so I need component model to describe Ext.Action and generate it in javascript.
  11. Very pity. Is there any plans to implement this mechanism in the future?
  12. Hello, take a look at that example!/example/menu/action-grid.html
    I want to implement same logic: fill contextmenu and toolbar from single action instance...
  13. Hello, I need an advice.
    I'm newbie with ExtJs\ExtNet, so I need you direct me to the right way.
    I trying to implement MDI-like application (ASP.NET MVC at server side). Basically it have behaviour...
  14. Thanks, it works.
  15. Daniil, thanks for guide.

    > If someone is interested in that, please post below and I will provide you with a small instruction how to do that.

    Interested, please provide that instrucation.
  16. I did not test it deeply, but at first glance, works great! Thank you.

    I have no reason to object.
  17. Daniil,

    Thx, I will read those post...

    > By the way, what is the Ext.NET version you are working with?

    Latest version from SVN... I just build it from sources

  18. I have TabPabel with two tabs, each of which is GridPanel. By pressing a button I try to load the data in the grids.

    The complete project for VS2010 can be downloaded at...
  19. Thank you Daniil, I'll try...

    ps. Yeah, I'm glad to see russian developers and supports in this project...


    I just checked this approach. It works well.
    We can close this thread....
  20. Hello, please take a look at my sample


    @using Ext.Net
    @using Ext.Net.MVC
    @model Models.ViewModel.Frames.IViewFrame
    var ext = Html.X();
  21. There is no sources of the Examples Explorer at ..
    Is it available to download ?
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