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  1. Setting the license key explicitly in the ResourceManager works, obviously not ideal.
  2. My license key, whether set in the web.config or in the global.asax file is getting modified on the production server and the site comes up as "unlicensed".

    I have tested outputting the...
  3. TextField.MarkInvalid()

    Does not cause the textfield to change,


    does, ie. leaving optional parameter "error" out results in no change at the user interface.
  4. Taking the rtl scripts and some others out of being embeddable resources got me back down to 22Mb in case anybody else is interested and feels they can 'safely' do this.
  5. The above sounds more 'whiney' than I intended :)
  6. Doesn't really help with deployment having to upload a 50Mb file.

    Any chance of some suggestions on what could be removed for example if extra themes are not used?
  7. Hi Danil, sorry didn't get a notification on this and had put it aside.

    *DELETE* It does not appear to be fixed at revision 4882. */DELETE* Sorry, had got tagged build

    Yes, it is fixed in...
  8. Hi Danil, sorry didn't get a notification on this and had put it aside.

    I'm need to dig out my SVN account details then as have switched to using NuGet since things have been quite stable. Is...
  9. ImageCommand columns *appear* to not be working in IE 10.

    Obviously this may be a 'only on my machine' problem but can anybody confirm this for me please?

  10. FWIW Using frostfang's

    <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

    line was the only way for me to get NuGet installed Ext.Net running for 2.1.1 due to the...
  11. Bin worked perfectly. Thanks for great support as always.
  12. Ah, unfortunately I'm using master pages and all pages are nested within a border layout set by the master and so it has to be 'controlled' by layout.

    Is there maybe a way of telling the gird to...
  13. I am trying to use an infinite scroll grid but need to share the store client side for various reasons and want to be able to hide (as in disable) the grid for performance reasons when not required...
  14. Occasionally when debugging in Visual Studio I get an error on first run:

    Ext.Net.InitializationScriptNotFoundException was unhandled by user code
    Message=The Ext.NET initialization script was...
  15. Thanks Daniil, that works great.
  16. I have a tree store such as

    <ext:TreeStore ID="storeTree" runat="server">
    <ext:Model runat="server">
    <ext:ModelField Name="AdditionalField"...
  17. Update: Sorry - hadn't realised rc1 was out! - This is fixed.


    Using 2.0 Beta 3 from NuGet, I get an error when checking a checkbox in a grid checkcolumn.

    It appears...
  18. Thanks Daniil
  19. In Ext 1.3 I am using the FieldLabel property on Panels, Labels and Buttons - mostly as a simple tool to help align UserControls and so on with other standard form controls such as TextFields e.g.
  20. The column headers of the ColumnTree only show up when a Title has been set.

    (Have tried methods listed in with no luck)

  21. Just a note to say that I've had to add

    .x-toolbar-classic .x-btn-tl { background-position: 0 0 }

    to my custom theme as it wasn't being correctly added in by the framework. Also the buttons...
  22. Thanks, that's sorted it.
  23. After updating to 1.0/1.1 I am getting the javascript error 'No center region defined in BorderLayout'

    It appears that the use of <ext:BorderLayout /> is no longer in favour but I can't get nested...
  24. I am getting a 404 error from my app which I have traced to the script inclusion:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/extjs/locale/ext-lang-en-gb-js/ext.axd?v=24918"></script>I assume this is...
  25. Excellent, I was sure there would be an example but for some reason just couldn't find this one. I think maybe the prepare 'toolbar' title got me confused.

    Thanks again (as always)

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