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  1. Have you tried setting fit layout on Panels or playing with height properties.
  2. Upgrading from 2.5 to Latest
    ComponentLoader.ToConfig method fails when UserControl is passed as argument.For example.

    Page p = new System.Web.UI.Page();
    var allCtr =...
  3. When textfield with button is being added the toolbar ads extra space bellow.For example

    <ext:Panel runat="server" ID="pnlGridCrud" Width="600" Height="400" Layout="FitLayout">
  4. There is a property to be set on RestProxy

    <ext:RestProxy Url="~/api/crud/getData" BatchActions ="true" >
  6. Have you tried rebinding the data?. What Is the purpose displaying 30000 records?
  7. var resultSum= 0 ;
    Ext.getCmp('grid1').getSelectionModel().getSelection().forEach(function(d){["here is the your column to be summed up "]

    alert('the sum is ' +...
  8. Code bellow represent store configured to use rest proxy.Everything works just fine when store has one dirty record.When store has multiple records to be updated it does not send them as batch. I...
  9. thanks a lot
  10. Thanks a lot Daniil. Since I need two resizable sections in South region there is only one reasonable option for me is "BorderLayout "
    and for improving performance replaced the Panel to Container
  11. Well I have found some workaround .The Line path tag has zindex attribute of 3000 I suspect this attribute defines the line so by selecting required tags we can change the color

  12. Thanks Danill .
    It seems "Ext.getCmp('someComp').floatCollapsedPanel()" does the job
  13. However there is a difference when you call Ext.getCmp('someComp').expand() and when you click on expant tooltip of the collapsible panel in border layout. When you click on just on title bar of the...
  14. I am just curious how you solved it with DataView
  15. However if store is configured by proxy the proposed workaround will not work .Here we need to attach the workaround function on load event of the STORE
  16. thanks it became clear now
  17. Pardon me but it is unclear for me what you mean by saying substitution ??
  18. Well I Have tried but without success . It throws a syntax error.Moreover it does invoke page load event . But it never reaches to OnBeforeStoreChanged

  19. Well I have tried and in case of #{somegrid}.save() it will crush by posting parent.aspx and since no store defined there it crushes. #somegrid}.reload() works just fine when HttpProxy is defined ....
  20. Well if you want to mess things litlle bit just add a button in usercontrols and call for example somethisng like #{GridView1}.save() or #{GridView1}.reload() //
    you will see that in dynamic...
  21. Have you tried with Desktop scenario ?
  22. How dynamically load pages in Desktop scenario using MasterPages
    For Example

    <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" ID="rs">
  23. Great thanks a lot
  24. Thanks Daniil for quick reply. No unfortunately it did not work it has no effect on adding portlet to PortlalColumn.
    For example here
    Try to...
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