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  1. Thank you a lot Vlad!!!!! It works, thank you again.

    Best regards
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply
    I've added update listener in the following way

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function addTab(tabPanel, id, url, title, icon) {
    var tab =...
  3. Dear Vladimir thank you for your help, your example is very useful, TreePanel refresh as expected but Ext.Window is always open.....
    I've noticed two javascript error (it seems ...
  4. Dear Geoffrey thank you for your reply.
    In attachment you can find a small example with four files to describe my scenario.
    My main page is FabTest.aspx containing the TreePanel and a button new...
  5. Dear Vladimir thank you for your reply unfortunately it doesn't work.

    What do you mean with server side visibilty for the window?

    To create the window I use the following code

  6. Hi all, I've written a small application like the following.
    I've a main page with a ViewPort with North, West, East, Center and South panels.
    In West panel I've added a Accordion component with a...
  7. Thank you for your help, it works
  8. Hi everybody, I need to open a Ext.Window from an existing one, with the following code I open the window without problem

    function OpenDoc(docval) {

  9. Thanks Vlad,
    I'll try to apply your advice.
  10. Hi all,
    I need to paginate some data obtained from a webmethod inside a store.
    I had a look at this example ( but I...
  11. Dear all,
    I have a grid with two columns, filled by a store.
    I would like to display a specified value in the first cell depending on the second cell's value.

    COL1 | COL2

    1 | 2...
  12. Thanks a lot, you can mark this topic as solved.
  13. Just another question: is it possible to do the same thing in code behind?
  14. Thank you Vlad!
  15. Hi all,
    I have a grid with two columns.
    The grid is inside a panel and the latter has a toolbar with two toggle buttons in it.
    The initial situation is as following: the first button is pressed...
  16. Hi Vlad,
    I solved it.
    I wasn't associating any dataIndex to the combo column, so nothig was displayed.
    Thanks for your help.
  17. I have a cell that contains a combo.
    The combo's store is loaded (so the combo is filled) when I select the row.
    Then, if I click on the cell, the combo is displayed (the cell becomes editable) and...
  18. Thank you Vlad,
    without the renderer the data retrieved with the store is displayed correctly, but I do need to mantain the selected value from the combo inside the grid cell (this doesn't happen...
  19. Dear Vlad,
    I've already tried to use the code in the example you linked, but I can't have it working.

    I get a "MyStore not defined" exception.

    Here is my code:

    var myRenderer =...
  20. Hi all,
    I have a grid with a combobox inside it:

    <ext:Column Header="Foo" Width="150">
    <ext:ComboBox Mode="Local" StoreID="MyStore" DisplayField="Name" ValueField="Value"...
  21. Thank you Vlad,
    this was really what I was looking for.
    Consider this thread closed.
  22. Thank you Vlad for your answer.
    Is it possible to fill a menu dynamically with a Store?

    I have this piece of code:

    <ext:CommandColumn Width="80" ColumnID="MenuColumn" Header="Actions">...
  23. Hi,
    I am building a grid retrieving data from a Store using a webservice. The data I am retrieving depends on a selected row from another grid.
    Suppose I defined a class as following:

  24. Hi,
    I am creating a grid and I need to put a menu (or a combo box) inside a column, populating it dynamically, based on a row's value.

    I'm going to explain what I mean giving an example:
  25. Good, thanks

    sorry for my oversight.
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