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  1. hi geoffrey,

    any news about scheduler??

    We are still interessed in this one.

  2. buying a license. as i know you can only run in localhost or domain this version.
  3. i solved my problem with remote paging something like this

    in your store put

    <ext:PageProxy DirectFn="" />

    and your directmethod is
  4. Hi danill

    Sorry for real delay, i was on vacation.

    Well its worked! you can close this theread now..
  5. Hi,

    Is there any way to center window inside the panel when page loaded? The problem is i have a HBox Layout with 2 panels (flex=1).

    I tried a window listener <AfterRender> but without success....
  6. sorry, its sounds like a confused. This "bug" occurs only one time when calendar is open.... the next event created in any place of calendar is correctly..
  7. first click on day or week view,

    scroll down,

    click in anything, try to create a new event.

    the screen will move to up at 12:00am and the window wont show at screen. you must scroll down...
  8. i tested a few minutes ago and it didnt happens on sencha samples.

    this only occurs on IE 10.0.9200
  9. amazing man!! i i add and test some more features to fill my demand.

    for a while everything worked like a charm, but i didnt understand full code yet.

    Whats X.ControlsScripting = false; does??
  10. I updated to 2.2

    all loaded event is working fine. thks

    But i found another issue and this happens at examples page too.

    Look at examples calendar page

    Change to week or day view
  11. and how can i recreate since everything is on my ascx file?? there is no codebehind on my usercontrol.

    any samples pls?
  12. vladimir

    i still didnt understand what i need to recreate. I have no postbacks on my code.
  13. i dont understand, recreate what?

    well the tab panel is created dynamic at this code

    <script runat="server">
    protected void AdicionarTab(object sender, DirectEventArgs e)
  14. you can use the same webform1 aspx above to execute this ascx

    click on refresh button and you get this error.


    <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"...
  15. vladimir, but i dont have any databindbind on my code behind for my gridpanel i just created OnReadData="RefreshData" to click on refresh and got this error

    The control with ID...
  16. Hi baidly

    Thanks for reply, its worked for my combobox.. But didnt work for my gridpanel, and i have another problem.

    I set OnReadData="RefreshData" on my store to refresh gridpanel, same...
  17. Hi all,

    Im posting a sample of my problem here.

    I have a simple tab panel and when someone click on button or menu open an usercontrol ascx in panel. But something is wrong store name is...
  18. Daniil

    Thanks for reply, well.. its partially solved my problem.. the event is loaded corretcly at your sample.. but now try to move this event loaded??

    The box of this event dissapear from...
  19. no one?? i dont know how to bind anymore

    my last try is

    new EventModelCollection
  20. pls? anyone? i still stucked how to bind a data to my custom calendar eventstore..
  21. hi danil, sorry for delay

    So first you create a new event in week or dayview

    now try to move this event?? Its not working.. but when you create in monthly view you can drag or resize.

    Its a...
  22. ok, thks. i created the window by code behind on click event from my button and rendered with xrender.

    You can close this thread.
  23. Geof, thks for reply

    i set CloaseAction="Destroy" but now my window dont show again? I open the form and close.

    When i try to open again, nothing happens. I supposed the destroy is a complete...
  24. Hi all,

    I having some issue with my app..

    I have one parent page where i create a window loading another aspx.. When i click on button to open is fine.. But how can i destroy complete this...
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