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  1. OK Thanks!
    Do you know when the new release of 3x will be released? (more or less)
  2. Is there any chance that someone will do something about it?
  3. Hi,
    i see that with chrome there are some problem with input styles

    with firefox no problem.

    What's the problem?
  4. I want to know if there is a code behind function (like X.GetCmp) for select all element with a specific TagString.
    My goal is to remove some elements (in code behind) with a specific string (i.e....
  5. Hi,
    i have a xml file and i want to bind a store to it.


    <ext:GridPanel ID="lista_righe" runat="server">
  6. Hi, in this example

    why there are two summary rows?

    How i can use only one?
  7. Hi, i have a grid panel with CellEditor plugin.
    My problem is that with this code

    <ext:Column runat="server" DataIndex="IDCausale" Text="Causale" ID="colc" Width="200">
  8. Hi,
    How can I select rows in the same group?

    I have Group 1 with 3 rows, Group 2 with 5 rows etc..

    I want to allow user to select only rows in the same group and not mix Group 1 with Group 2
  9. Hi, how i can handle the InfoPanel duration in code behind?

    X.Msg.Info(new InfoPanel
    Title = "aa",
    ID = "infopanel",
    AnimCollapseDuration =...
  10. ok, it works!

  11. Hi,
    i have this grid

    <ext:GridPanel ID="righe_fascicoli" runat="server" AutoScroll="true">
  12. ok, i for now i do this:

    <ext:ComboBox runat="server" ID="cmbIDContatto" FieldLabel="Cliente" DisplayField="Intestazione" ValueField="IDContatto" TypeAhead="false" MultiSelect="false"...
  13. Hi,
    i have a ComboBox with remote query (like

    How i can handle a "No result found"?

    I want to display a component with text "no...
  14. %-)
    ok thanks!
    It solved!
  15. Hi,
    i'm starting from this example

    my test.asxp

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Import Namespace="EDM" %>
    <%@ Register...
  16. For me is a little bit complicated to provide you a full test case.

    But i've found my error: Root node has
    Expanded="true" and this on page load automatically load without store parameters (it...
  17. i'm sorry for mistake.
    My treestore is:

    <ext:TreeStore ID="TreeStore1" runat="server" AutoLoad="true">
  18. Hi,
    i have this

    <ext:Hidden ID="idedizione" runat="server" Text="3"></ext:Hidden>
  19. I have this gridpanel

    <ext:GridPanel ID="lista_imputazione" runat="server" Title="Imputazione costi" Flex="2" UI="Warning" Height="200" Border="true" EmptyText="Non ci sono imputazioni">
  20. Hi,
    i'm having problems with Firefox (v41).
    For example, if i go to firefox freezes for 3 or 4 seconds and then load all the page and tree on the left.
    I've this problem...
  21. Hi i have this scenario:


    <ext:Panel ID="dati_scadenziario" runat="server" Title="Scadenziario" Flex="1" BodyPadding="5">
  22. Ok, my version was 3.1

    I installed it via Nuget on 15 or 16 of July without version (only 'Install-Package Ext.NET' and it resolve to 3.1)...

    However i upgraded to 3.2 and now works.
  23. Hello,
    i've installed last version of Ext.Net via NuGet.
    I've tried to create simple form with this example:

    my aspx page is
  24. Hi, my problem is that my ComboBox not show selected value.

    .aspx page

    <ext:FormPanel ID="frm_recapito" runat="server" Layout="FormLayout" BodyPadding="10">
  25. Ok, i see here

    that's impossible to renderTo window via markup.
    Is still valid or in version 3 somethings is changed?
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