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  1. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for your suggestions. Since you consider the described behavior to be expected, I am afraid that the only workable solution in our case is IsDirty() override for RadioButton....
  2. Hi Fabrício,
    I'm not sure if your conclusion is correct. The test case is not about one form with two or more radio groups at all. If that were the case, you would be right.

    In a real...
  3. Hi Fabrício,
    maybe the test case I provided was a bit confusing, so let's try this one (the data model as above):

    @model TestCases.Models.PointerModel

    @using Ext.Net;
    @using Ext.Net.MVC;
  4. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for the thorough answer. I'm sorry I didn't explain it enough ...

    As I stated, the code used in the real application is something like this:

  5. Hello support team,
    please use the following test case, open the windows and close them without any change. When only one window is open, isDirty is evaluated as expected. However, if the second...
  6. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for your hint. An interesting solution. At first glance, wrapping TextArea into another container seemed excessive (over nested), but it works.

    Thanks for your assistance,...
  7. Hello, support team,
    in the following example, I am not able to align the components in the FieldContainer to fit its owner. In this particular case, there is always a gap between the bottom border...
  8. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for your answer. Both options work well as you described.

    Thanks for the assistance, the thread can be closed.

    Kind regards
  9. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for answer.

    ad 1) My intention was quite simple: to maintain the server-side validation inside the component to keep all the necessary code in one place (if you use the...
  10. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for answer. I apologize if my test case wasn't clear enough. Here is all the source code exactly as it was tested.


    using System.Web.Mvc;
  11. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for an answer.

    Unfortunately, registering DirectMethod using ResourceManager.AddDirectMethodControl does not help, the proxy is not generated.

    Also, using...
  12. Hello support team,
    I want to create a custom control with server methods placed inside the control and called from an associated JavaScript class. I tried to use DirectMethod and RemoteValidation...
  13. Hello Fabrício,
    just one last note... With the Prefetch event (load event you mentioned) the story is the same as with the reload callback: it is able to find the record only after a "while".

  14. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for your quick response and for clarifying how the reload method works. Just one note ...

    What confuses me is that the findRecord method belongs to the store, not to...
  15. Hello Fabrício,
    if I try to get an entry at 810 without first jumping or scrolling there (and thus initializing the store load), it is clear to me that the result is undefined.

    I know that even...
  16. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for the quick reply. I apologize for a maybe too complicated test case and perhaps not a clear enough explanation of the problem.

    I understand your hints, but I can't...
  17. Hello support team,
    what I want to achieve is to scroll through the buffered grid to any position, reload the grid, and if any rows have been selected, re-select them and focus that selection. Here...
  18. Hello Fabrício,
    it was a custom theme. All the themes that come with Ex.NET work fine.

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards
  19. Hi Fabrício,
    I apologize for the late response, but somehow I overlooked the email notification of your reply.

    Because I had more confidence in your conclusion than in my test case, I delved...
  20. Hello Fabrício,
    just to give you an update on this issue... tested on Ext.NET 5.3.0 / Ext JS and the resulting behavior is still as described in #3.

    Kind regards
  21. Hi Fabrício,
    thank you for the explanation and the fixed test case. I apologize for a "newbie" question, but after a while of trying different variants, I no longer knew where to go.

    Thank you...
  22. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for your answer. I have already tried a lot of different combinations without success. Also with anchor layout:

  23. Hello support team,
    I'm struggling to arrange the two fieldsets correctly. The intention is to create a layout where all components are aligned to the window when resized (are resized along with...
  24. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for the suggestion. Once we are ready to upgrade to version 5.2.0, I will test it again and let you know.

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards
  25. Hello Fabrício,
    thank you for an answer. This workaround works well only if the button is initially enabled and pointerEvents: all StyleSpec is included:

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