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  1. Hi,

    How do I add and remove buttons to an existing toolbar ?

    Her is my code :
  2. Hi again

    I'm sure it's a perfectly correkt answer, but it isn't helpfull.

    Let me ask in another way. Why do panels have a keymap, if you can't use it, and what is the magic word you have to...
  3. Hi

    The following code works fine in IE8 but not in Mozilla. What am I doing wrong?

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
  4. We used the latest version of coolite from svn downloaded the 10 feb.
  5. We are having problems with all DirectEvents when loading controls dynamically. We have attached an VS 2010 project with an simple page loading an UserControl with just an Panel and an Button. The...
  6. Thanks for the fast reply. It fixed the problem !
  7. Hi,

    We used to load our controls dynamicly into a ViewPort, but after swichting to 1.0 we get an javascript error if the control starts with a "Layout".

    Javascript Error :

    Expected ";"
  8. Damn that was fast!

    Klavs Martens
  9. Hi Vladimir

    Your example works just fine, but if we replace the ArrayReader thit a JsonReader it doesnt seems to work.

    We think that the issue lies in the AddField method.

  10. Hi

    We used to do this in 0.8 to reconfigure the readers fields, but after switching to 1.0 it's stopped working. Any obvious mistakes ?

    void store_RefreshData(object sender,...
  11. Hi Vladimir </PRE>
    <ContextMenu Handler="return true;" /></PRE>Made it work again, and I moved ScriptManager inside the form tag.</PRE>Thanks for the quick reply</PRE>Klavs Martens

  12. Hi.

    In the latest source, I can't get the ContextMenu AjaxEvent on TreePanel to work. The following code demonstrates the problem. Click gets called, ContextMenu don't. Used to work perfect.
  13. >In your case you can set Before handler for ajax event
    > grid.AjaxEvents.RowContextMenu.Before="e.preventDefault();";

    Thanks. That fixed the problem.
  14. Hi

    I', having problem removing the browser contextmenu on RowContextMenu in AjaxEvent. I tried the PreventDefault = true, but it don't seem to work. My Handler creates another menu and they both...
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