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  1. Hello, This problem was solved with this post ..


  2. Thanks, this solved my 2 problems.

    Thanks for everything.

  3. Hello, a query. I have a control Ext: Label and I'm doing updates from the client side and server-side. Each works to perfection. The problem appears when the update is first performed from the...
  4. As you may have noticed, recently I iciandome with ExtNet's cool.

    Well, I have some doubts about how to update a control Ext: label from javascri

    Code Page.aspx

  5. Thanks, it worked to perfection

  6. Hi, I am making an ajax call to a method of server from my aspx page. In the server method is called correctly, but does not update the values ​​of other controls such as control "txtTest. " This...
  7. How about boys. I have a problem with a treePanel. I have a treePanel one filled with dynamic way when the page loads. Up there, everything works fine, but the problem starts when I want to refresh...
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