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  1. I see that Sencha offers an Individual License of ext js (if you qualify)
    See it here

    For those that do qualify, is there an EXT.NET offering to match the Individual License?

    Thank you, sorry...
  2. Is there a way to set the ActiveIndex using javascript?

    Something like:

    Ext.getCmp('CalendarPanel1').activeIndex = 1;

    Thank you for any help.
  3. Thank you for the support, I got my solution working.

    I ended up using this javascript function to handle replicating the Previous and Next month buttons.

    var onMonthChange = function (i) {
  4. Thanks for the reply Danill,

    I have looked at that example, and it has the behavior I need, I'm just not able to see the magic line of code that actually sets the current date being rendered in...
  5. I cannot find a simple example of how to use a custom toolbar to navigate the months of a CalendarPanel.
    Can you direct me to an example of this? Please.

    I'm thinking something like this (pseudo...
  6. When I add the TabChange DirectEvent to a TabPanel, it causes the Page_Load to fire on each TabChange (I would assume it would).
    I am trying to use the Page_Load to dynamically add controls to the...
  7. I'm using a UserControl that implements Ext.Net.IDynamicUserControl in conjunction with a TabPanel and letting the tab load the UserControl using a DirectMethod. On the UserControl, I'm building UI...
  8. Thanks Daniil, that worked!
    Just renewed my support subscription for another year!

    I really don't like the thought of an iframe, is there a better or more preferred way to do this?

  9. Hello,

    I'm trying to use the Loader URL functionality of a TabPanel to load the contents of a panel via another .aspx page.
    I can step through the code to see that the child .aspx page is getting...
  10. I have always downloaded the WinForms ZIP package, unzipped the files and changed my references manually.

    The previous ZIP files have always included:
  11. Thank you very much Daniil
    That worked!

    Can you explain why that works, please?
  12. I have a simple TreePanel using a TreeStore that is using a Proxy to a simple WebService. The WebService requires a parameter. On the initial load, the TreePanel populates correctly.
    My problem is...
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