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  1. Hi,

    We are using 1.0.4125.16282 version, and we are experiencing an issue with an WebResource.axd
    Sometimes we found a infinite loop request to a specific resource that provokes a...
  2. Hi,

    In Safari (Version 11), the fileupload HasFile property returns False but it works as expected in Chrome.


    <ext:FileUploadField meta:resourcekey="uplConsentimientoInformado"...
  3. Hello,

    I'm using Mac mini (late 2012) with MacOS Sierra 10.12.

    Thanks for fast answering.
  4. Hello,

    In Safari Versión 10.0 (12602., in this example:, with theme "blue", all buttons text appears cut and with ellipsis
  5. Hello,

    I have a web form with ~500 fields and it expends so much time to load (~9 secs).
    I know it's so heavy to load but, are there any solution to improve the performance?

  6. Hello, I read the FAQ section and I see something I doesn't understand at all:

    I want to develop an app with Sencha Ext JS (only sencha libs), must I buy a Sencha License to use it separately...
  7. Hello, I had the same issue with older versions of Ext.Net, but it was fixed with an override. The issue is described in this post:...
  8. Ok, managed to get it work with this modification of your example code:

    var onDayRender = function (view) {
    if (view.body) {
  9. Hello, I tried the following solution:

    var onDayRender = function (view) {
    if (view.body) {
    view.body.dragZone.beforeDragEnter = function () {
  10. Hello, I want to make a special form in which a calendar will show the current events in the database, but it won't be possible to modify them.

    I'm trying to avoid mouse events like Drag to select...
  11. Ok, I'm still having issues with certain fields that hide or show a component. For example, if I add a listener like this:

    <ext:TextArea LabelWidth="180" runat="server"...
  12. OK, replaced it with

    formPanelBody.scrollTo('side', scroll.left);

    and it worked. Thank you!
  13. What should me.statusBar.up("form").body return?

    I'm getting:

    TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setScrollTop'

    In this line:

  14. Hello,

    Is there a way to restrict the calendar's times to a specific range?

    Say instead of showing from 12am to 12am of the next day, to show from 8am to 10pm.

    Thank you in advance.
  15. Thank you, Everything seems to be working correctly.
  16. We would like to change the date format in the calendar, Here's some examples:


    Aswell as in here:


    We would also be able to translate the field labels in this form:
  17. Cool, it works. Thanks!
  18. Hello, I'm trying to use an Ext.Menu for a filter menu panel, however, the menu is leaving a blank space to the left (probably for the icons, which I don't want to use) and i don't k
    now how to make...
  19. Hello
    Some time ago I have a problem with Chrome. When first loaded pages to go well, but when a postback page slows down alarmingly.
    When a page first loads everything is fine, but when a postback...
  20. It's fine now.

    Ok, I'm going to start another thread.

    Close this thread if you want.
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