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  1. Hi I found the issue.

    textField = new Ext.Net.TextField();
    textField.ID = "txt" + key;
    textField.FieldLabel = key;
    textField.Name = key;
  2. Hi, I have a form panel and when I add controls dynamically to it I get following JavaScript error.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeCls' of null
    at ctor.toggleInvalidCls...
  3. Hi I dig more into it.

    I am using AjaxProxy to load data into TreeView. As I mentioned earlier, If I don'e load one of the panel, the other one works fine.

    Is it something related to TreeView...
  4. Hi, I am running into a weird issue.

    I have 2 panels on the page. One is inside ViewPort and other is inside Window as shown in the image.


    When I search from the search panel I get...
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