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  1. Please help me to investigate this error from stack:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'get' of undefined ext.axd:7...
  2. Hi all,

    I an have a problem. The DateField lost value from store.
    I can take the value from formpanel but, i cant set the value using form.setValue({json}).
    PS. Only DateField not works, other...
  3. Hi,
    I found the solution, but i dont find the problem.
    I change the value of the first enum from 0 to 1 and works !


    Dont close! I search the problem and post it here.
  4. Hi all,

    I have an problem with an application.
    When the value is a first item of datastore the combobox not set an display value.

    this.ComboBoxTipoContato = new...
  5. Hi all,

    I have an problem to load textfield values from a object.


    //server side
    var textField1 = new TextField();
    textField1.DataIndex = "Value1";
  6. Thx Daniill and geoffrey.

    The problem is:

    Class# is not serialized becouse the attributes [DataContract] and [DataMember] is missed .

  7. Hi all,

    I have an problem when serialize an object. JSON.Serialize<Type>(obj) return an incomplete object.

    public class Class1
    public Class2 Obj2;
  8. I solved the problem. Thx Daniil.
    The problem is:

    The tag
    <add name="JSONAsmx" type="JsonHttpModule, App_Code"/> has missed in web.config. Sry, My mistache.

    Thx again Daniil. Can close this.
  9. Hi all,

    I have an sugestion about

    I create an lib to create dynamically Stores from reflection types, but i have a problem: when js try access an null object from another null...
  10. Thx again Daniil.

    This example dont works =/

    Throws the Exception:

    {"Message":"No parameterless constructor defined for type of \u0027System.String\u0027.","StackTrace":" at...
  11. Hi all,

    How i can give a converted object from an json ?

    //run at in client{
    url : 'webservice.asmx/save',
    cleanRequest : true,
  12. Thanks so much for ur attention Daniil, we solved the problem. The Render() is necessary in any points and ResourceManager in form tag help me to solved my problem.
    This thread can be closed.
  13. Is a property of ListFilter. I look at source code of Ext.Net and see that property.

    I think the Store not found when this method try find in Controls.

    The stack trace is :

  14. The example is my project hehehe, the page is strongly dinamically.
    I think u give me an solution to render the store, but we take another problem. The StoreProxy in ListFilter throw an exception...
  15. Hi Daniil,

    I try ur example but not works, look at error :

    BADRESPONSE: Unexpected token <

  16. Thanks Daniil,

    I put the store for ListFilter in Form thats work better, but create a new problem.
    The store is referenced before instead.

  17. I cant create an example in code, but i can show an scenario:

    1. Create store from another project (A).
    2. Add this store in Controls of Page from X.ResourceManager in project (A).
    3. Two cases...
  18. I have a DLL to build stores from reflection types and mount grids in runtime.
    So, when i create store occurs an reference error in clientside.

    Uncaught ReferenceError:...
  19. Solved. Thanks.
  20. I think is a bug:

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