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  1. Hi,
    If i am correct that mobile is the equivalent of Ext Js Modern..

    I was looking at the Sencha Modern examples and they have a lot of controls there like the treegrid and calendar panel...
  2. Hi,
    The spotlight control is not working as you can see from examples page

    It is throwing an error "el.getbox()". el is not defined.
  3. If you do not see the error i wonder if this has something to do with me using a touch screen laptop.
    I remember it causing other problems before.
  4. Hi,
    Thanks for pointing that out. But still the same error here.

    I have changed both references to ListUsers.

    I am using Latest version of chrome with the downloaded 4.4 dlls.
  5. As you can see from this example when you click on the button it throws an error.

    Even though the direct event is empty.
    Even if i set visible=false for the datepickerfield it is still the same....
  6. Hi I am having a problem with the Datepickerfield control.

    If i place one on my page i am getting an error as follows...
    System.Web.HttpUnhandledException (0x80004005): Exception of type...
  7. Hi Fabricio,
    Thanks for the info. I actually removed the below code totally and it improved dramatically. CPU usage down to under 1%.

    Not sure if i need that code. But i am only using tagfield...
  8. Hi,
    There seems to be a problem with the tagfield control.

    My page was taking up a lot of cpu usage and i finally narrowed it down to the tagfield.

    if you run the following code...
  9. I was in the process of trying convincing my boss to buy V4 for the €3500 but now i have not a hope (nor the will) with this new increase to €5000.

    I wish now that i had not poured years of...
  10. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

    I am a single developer so if i pay €3500 i am basically taking over €2500 cash (the other 4 licences which i don't want or need) and putting a match to it....
  11. Hi,
    I have a row expander in a gridpanel.

    When entering App.RowExpander1.expandAll() in the debugger it does not expand the last 3 rows unless i scroll them into view and then enter it again.
  12. I am working on a touch screen laptop which when you long press it brings up the context menu. You can then sometimes get a handle to drag and sometimes not.

    But the main problem i am having is...
  13. Update:
    I tried this on another computer and it worked fine in Chrome.

    I wonder is this again to do with me using a touchscreen laptop.
    Maybe somebody else has seen strange behaviour like this...
  14. Hi,
    The drag drop between nodes does not work anymore in V3. Not sure exactly when this happened.

    You can see the problem here -
  15. Hi,
    The problem with tooltips still persists with latest version of SVN.

    I am using a touch screen laptop as you were enquiring.

    Maybe it has to do with this. I have not yet tested with...
  16. Hi,
    I can confirm that the drag drop issue is a lot better with your fix "enableFx=false".

    As you say it is a workaround but works well enough for now.

    Thanks for that.
  17. Hi,
    If you open up the basic example that you were on and change to week view.

    Then drag the event "Board Meeting" (Thursday 9th July) onto the event "Lunch with Matt" (Saturday 11th July) i...
  18. Hi,
    As requested in thread i am starting a new post for this issue.

    Since a recent SVN...
  19. Hi,
    Just an update on this thread.

    Since a recent update in the svn i get a javascript error when dragging an event over another event.

    The javascript error is in the getAnchor - unable to get...
  20. Thanks for the sample.

    It turns out that there are indeed too many bugs to get it to work with Version 3.

    I did find however a function in the DayDragZone.js file as below.

    You will notice...
  21. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.

    There are only a few things to change to make it work with extjs5 so i have read.

    As for overriding the resource property, is there an easy way to do this. I have...
  22. Hi,
    I cannot seem to find a way to make it work

    But i noticed that scrolling works perfectly on the calender pro from

    Does anybody know if there is a way to integrate the pro...
  23. Hi,
    The only thing that is strange on my part is that i cannot build in Visual Studio.

    it throws 143 errors mostly of type

    I have to copy the tooltips example into my existing...
  24. I am on Windows 8.1.
  25. Hi,
    Ext.getVersion() =

    Chrome - Version 43.0.2357.81 (Not working)
    Internet Explorer - Version 11.0.9600.17416 (Not working)
    Firefox - Version 37.0.2 (WORKING)

    It works only in...
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