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  1. Thanks Geoff for the update...

    That is a shame... hopefully they will review this in time to come. For now I have had to put a hold on any future developments with Ext.Net (extjs) as my company I...
  2. Hi

    I've noticed that Sencha Extjs has reverted back to a Single License option. Will Ext.Net be re-evaluating their offers based on this new model??

    Kind Regards
  3. Hi

    I have a grid based on a Store which has some config sorters attached on load. When loaded my grid shows the store sorted as expected. I have a function that runs and updates the records in...
  4. I guarantee they are all in the examples.... just have to locate them
  5. Hi

    try using contextMenu.items.items[i].setDisabled(true)

    refer to the docs...most classes provide config classed you can set when creating the item. Otherwise you need to use the method and...
  6. Just in case someone else is interested....

    After setting combo.bindStore(store) you must re-apply the displayfield and valuefield for some strange reason??

  7. Hi

    I want to be able to dynamically bind a combo box to an existing store. However, the items never appear in the combo box.
    It looks like the store has been bound but whenever you open the...
  8. Hi

    I was hoping to get some help with a column renderer. When fired the "this" object refers to the cell view. I was curious to know how I could set the scope to js class.

    Thanks for any...
  9. Yes it does. Thank you!!
  10. Hi

    I have a current license but Im trying to integrate with a particular version of extjs / bryntum gantt. Is there a downloads page that has previous versions of Ext.Net?

  11. Thanks Daniil

    I knew I could count on you!
  12. Hi

    I have a situation where I want to add a record into a store of a combo box. However, this never works the first time i.e. If I click the add button once it doesnt get added into the store...
  13. Hi Danil

    Sorry I found that deselectAll does the trick...I had just read previous posts that suggsted clearSelections.

    All fixed

  14. Hi

    I have a GridPanel which I have set to RowSelectionModel Mode=Simple. This allows me to make some selections over multiple grid rows. However I have a couple of problems.

    When I use...
  15. In case some one wants to do the same thing...I have override the onRender property.

    Notice I've added the Scale config when creating the FileButton class.

  16. Ok - just noticed that this is not a config setting for FileUpload.

    I have a FileUploadField in a toolbar where all buttons are set to scale Medium. Is there a way to set the FileUpload button...
  17. Hi

    Is this an Ext.Net issue?

    Using the Scale property on the FileUploadField control results in cls "x-btn-default-toolbar-small" being rendered out on child items. Width properties are also...
  18. Hi

    This is in reference to an old post that I still have not found an elegant solution for...however now I have a theory which may improve what I am currently doing...

    Old Post -...
  19. Hi Danil

    Unfortunately setting EnableLocking on the Grid throws an error if there are no defined Columns (on load).

    No mind, I can live with the work around but thought it would be best to...
  20. Hi

    I have a dynamic gird that I am loading after selecting a CSV file. i.e. There are no modelfields in the store and there are no columns in the grid when the form is first loaded. Once the...
  21. Hi

    Thanks for your reply....I was trying to find something but of course I couldn't search for it :).

    Anyway, looks like its back now!

  22. Hi

    It's been a little I going a bit nutty or have they removed the search field from the Sencha Forum? I can view threads but I can't find the search box??
  23. Hi

    Not sure if this is a bug or not...but just thought I would report it anyway.

    When using a radio group - I have set column widths for my radio buttons. However, if you do not set a width...
  24. Hi Daniil

    Actually now that I think about it I probably think this could have to do with the fact that this app is still using Ext 1.7 which is probably not designed for ie11.

    Thanks for the...
  25. Hi

    I have completely reworked one of my main screens and noticed that in my normal browser Firefox (v30) seems a lot more fluid in loading the screen on 99% of my users browser IE (v10+).

    In IE...
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