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  1. Reviving this thread. Any update on support for .net core?
  2. I have grid panel with some column in that I used combobox for 3 columns with multiselect. ( need to move next column using tab event. )

    I lost my selection when I select using mouse click then...
  3. We can close this now. Thank you.
  4. Hello Fabrico

    We just need a way to add object to filter , some thing similar to adding object data to combobox . I think this should be possible.

  5. I have one grid and its List Filter as below :

    i.e. => <ext:ListFilter DataIndex="Type" Options="Table,Text,Numbers,Graph"> </ext:ListFilter>

    but i need FloatNumber as a Display text in...
  6. You can close this.
  7. I have a list filter in the grid , which looks like this

    <ext:ListFilter DataIndex="CustDetails" Options="FirstName,LastName,Gender"> </ext:ListFilter>

    How can i have id and display field...
  8. Thank you for your response. So in short, we have to wait. :) No problem we will wait. But I hope the support comes sooner than later.
  9. Hey Guys,
    Any plan to support .net Core anytime soon?
  10. Hi Fabricio,

    Yes it prevents typeAhead , but its not always working for me.
    Because for getting all the data in fqCombo, i have to apply clearFilter on it, untill and unless i am not able to get...
  11. Hi Fabricio,

    Your sample code works for me.
    I have applied the code and it works as per my requirement, but i don't understood it properly.
    So can you please explain how clearFieldFilters is...
  12. Hello Fabricio,

    There are more than 46000 records in our case, so we have to get it only once for all three combos, and hence we use all preloaded approach.
    I want to make a try with on demand...
  13. Hi Fabricio,

    That exampla is getting data in second combo via service (Cities.asmx/GetCities). While i have all the data available in the combo store (that we get on boxReady), just need to filter...
  14. Hi Fabricio,

    This solution didn't work for me.

    I have to filter package combo on the basis of what is selected in client combo.
    So when i try to select another value in client combo, i have to...
  15. Hi Fabricio,

    That is what the main issue is, after clearFilter() its causing an issue in filter.

    I will try this approch :
    and let you know.
  16. Hi Fabricio,

    Can you please add below code, just above the panel pnlParent and try again ?

    <ext:ResourceManager ID="supportResourceManager" runat="server"...
  17. Hi Fabricio,

    Can you post the error message please.
    That code is working fine for me, so i need to reproduce on my end.
  18. I am not using the custom filter anymore, so i have removed that code.

    This is the sorted sample code :

    <script type="text/javascript">

    TestExtractionProtocol = {
  19. Can you please follow these steps to reproduce the issue which i got :

    1) Type anything in second combo and Clear it with trigger click (do this couple of times)
    2) Select any value in first...
  20. Hi Fabricio

    Thanks for your quick response.

    Yes you can move it to 2.x

    here is the sample code :

    <script type="text/javascript">
  21. Hi,

    My issue is combo list is not filtered on typing text in combo.

    I have three combo fields, on first combo select it will filter the other two combo store.
    On second combo select, it will...
  22. Its sorted for us. Thanks!!
  23. you can close this for now. The purpose was attended to by other means. However, I may revive this thread in future if that's okay.
  24. I will get the running sample by tomm or Tuesday.

  25. Hi,

    We have two combobox and second combobox store change by first combo selection. first time It's working well but second and onward it's stop filtering.
    e.g. on Study_Type change we bind...
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