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  1. that looks very promising.

    we are on .net 4.8 so i guess we will start to look at our components and begin the process to remove or upgrade all to .net core and then once we complete that phase,...
  2. Hi
    can you benchmark the performance delta between MVC 5.2 and the new CORE 7.x?

    if i have grid with 2000 elements, by grouping and not grouping with some serious renderers (colors. background...
  3. We need to add a chat application to our web app. Do you have an example that would show the best way to do this? In the past, i have seen examples using SIGNALR but those are very old. The key is...
  4. Grid1 has Store1 and row selection model

    load the grid, check a box

    now call this

    scope: this,
  5. Guys
    this bug is from 2015

    Can we fix it pls?? i used the work around.
  6. see attached.
    Callout shows Behind Window

    to test, press the click #1 button. then on the window, press click me.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
  7. Hi,

    see a simple textfield for SSN entry. Note the nice REGEX we use that just allows numbers. try to type in "111-22-3333" and it only accepts the numbers. Fantastic!!

    Now type "111-22-3333"...
  8. Hi
    define a simple NumberField

    <ext:NumberField ID="test"
  9. I am using this button to UPLOAD an excel file, modify it and then return it to the user via MVC FileResult (byte[]) in one shot. However, Success is never called. If i change it to After, it works....
  10. see attached
  11. Thread: TreePanel Issue

    by Z
    So we downgraded from v5 to v4.8.3 and the problem still persists :)

    we are going to rollback the entire MVC5 upgrade and try again from scratch.

  12. Thread: TreePanel Issue

    by Z
    No JS errors at all in the console.

    I consider myself well versed in EXT and front end and this has me stumped.

    You can my email. Can we do a webex and i can show you. i dont see any other...
  13. Thread: TreePanel Issue

    by Z
    So when we upgraded from v4.8 to v5, our TreePanel completely disappeared and we cant figure out why.
    There are no JS errors or anything amiss.

    We verified that the JSON is returning properly by...
  14. thanks! that works.

    i would like to see a feature on the Column object that is "WrapHeader" [true/false]

  15. Support,

    How can i wrap header text?


    <ColumnModel ID="ColumnModelTest" runat="server">
  16. Interesting.

    I think i really like the <Bin> concept so that we don't load them until the tree node is clicked on. I think that will work for me.

    We will give a try next week and let you know...
  17. Support,

    We have a screen with many controls. we use a TreeList to let the employee choose their options and then we simply show the controls associated to that treelist item.

    We have a single...
  18. I tested it and the fix works.
  19. Please be aware that the example i created a super simplified example so i can show you the issue. Our production code (that manifests the problem) is more complex. I changed our production from...
  20. Support,

    This gets interesting now :)

    Test #1:
    Go ahead and load page and click the date TRIGGER icon and you get the calendar properly.
    [test passes]

    Test #2:
    Go ahead and FIRST press...
  21. Thxs a bunch
  22. I went the extends route.

    if (!String.prototype.endsWith) {
    String.prototype.endsWith = function (search, this_len) {
    if (this_len === undefined || this_len > this.length) {
  23. i need a 4.8.3 release pls with this fix.
  24. i will live with this one (and handle it on our side) if we can get the IE11 fixed and released asap as 4.8.3.
  25. Interesting....

    Let me review on our side.

    What about a release to fix the IE11 bug.

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